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  • Old Fan Old Fan Mar 3, 2010 01:07 Flag

    Everton Win!

    No stick from me Sfer - I'm always optimistic and believe we can beat any team - comes from being a long time Spurs supporter (50+ years). Like you - I get fed up with the doom and gloom merchants that come on here, or those that are so quick to jump on a slip or a poor performance. I've loved the Lilleywhites through good times and bad ... and was lucky enough to be going to the games during the early sixties when we were the best in the world.
    We will be in Europe next year - hopefully in the CL - and that's going to help bring in a few players to bolster and improve the squad.
    When they play up to the level they are capable of playing, we can beat any team in the league - and there's no reason we cannot have a great run in to the end of the season and surprise a lot of people - including a lot on this board!