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  • Layla Layla Mar 1, 2010 03:08 Flag

    Everton Win!

    1st of all very good win, everton are a good team who work really hard & never give up.
    i thought we would draw this game so well done boys.

    1st half we dominated & deserved the 2 goal lead.
    but the 2nd half we looked dodgy & gave them a lot of chances.
    i was fearing another 2-2 comeback for everton.

    good attacking football in 1st half.
    pav looked lively again & another goal.
    modric back to his best & superb goal!
    kranjkar played a lot better than he has done recently.

    didnt fight hard enough in 2nd half.
    didnt defend as a team in 2nd half.
    tom getting injured, dont rate him highly but no other options?

    dont agree with harry regularly taking off defoe our main goal threat on the 70min mark. (yes he had a quiet game but he regularly does that & then bang latches onto a loose ball & scores).
    especially when he is replaced by eidur who did nothing except try to dribble the ball out of our area & got tackled. sorry but eidurs not spurs quality. would rather keane than eidur.

    anyway, 3pts badly needed against a good team.

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    • fair points Sfer & Glenn - but I'd rather have someone better signed up before we let O'Hara go - wouldn't push him out the door too quickly, that's all, we could do with him right now in truth

    • I can see where Glen is coming from Jimmy. O'Hara has never done it for me either. He had some chances and never took them. The only reason to keep him in the squad would be cos he has a good left foot which is a rare thing this days and it does give the team a much better balance than when you are playing a right footer on the left.

      If we are seriously looking at improving the team/squad and playing in the CL then IMHO I think we need better than O'Hara.

    • harsh comparing O'Hara with Brown Glenn! if he could be happy as a squad player, def a keeper
      kinda same with Hudd - not the complete answer yet certainly, but would never sell him, some real talent - maybe bench if we get a CM

    • Definitely lazy and on the verge of obesity!! I remember back in the days of Ramos when Huddlestone allegedly complained that they'd banned him from eating tomato ketchup!

      Central midfield has always been a problem area for us as it's where games are won or lost, which would also explain why despite having potential, we've never managed to take it to the next level and break into the top 4.

      Harry may end up playing Modric in the middle as he's pretty much out of options. Assuming Bentley's fit he can play him on the right and Kranjcar on the left.

      And O'Hara? Not nearly good enough, just enough Steed Malbranque / Michael Brown type of player that works hard but lacks pace, vision, skill, talent etc.

    • i agree sfer that we should be looking to bring in a world class CM to play with WP in the middle . but untill we do hudds is the best we have and i dont fully agree with some of the comments about him , but thats my opinion.

      i would like to see a lampard or gerrard type player come in to partner WP , someone who will burst through the middle and score 10 goals a season at least, the reason chelsea have done so well over the last 7-8 years is lampard has hit 20 a season every season. so we really need to find that bit of class.

      i also hope to hell that jenas doesnt get a run in the team i would much rather see modric in the middle with WP and bentley and krancjar either side , maybe bale stepping into left side.

    • The ONE good thing is............Jenas is injured too!!!!!!!

    • I would like nothing more than Hudd to prove me wrong and end up in the England squad playing out of his skin BUT the signs are not good are they! How long have we all been saying its about time he showed his "potential"!

      Yes he can hit a beautiful pass now and again but is that enough? He is lazy, sulky, commits more than his share of fouls thereby giving away dangerous free kicks and he only plays even reasonably well when the team is winning. When we are losing he disappears completely.

      The unfortunate thing is he may well be our best option in CMF but that is where we should be looking to strengthen the team if that is the case. Scary I know but if Jenas was fit then he would probably get an extended run now with Hudd being out.

      Come on Hudd prove me wrong!!

    • I think Hud is a work in progress. Frustrating I know, and he has been given a good run, but I am willing to be patient because I am sure, given the right coaching and tough love he will live up to his undoubted potential. He has been working harder of late, and yes, SB, we are short of players who can hit a shot accurately as well as with power! Hud is probably the worst culprit!

    • i dont mind hudd but in all honestly he will never be good enough for a champions league team.
      hes too lazy & awful are tracking back.
      he also has games where hes greedy & keeps shooting into the crowd.
      he lacks mobililty.
      his passing is very good thou!

      we still need a new cm to partner wilson.
      hudd is still the best we got to partner wilson so its a shame he injured.

      id be tempted to maybe put modric in the middle to link up the play. yes he cant tackle much but its not like hudd makes lots of good tackles.

    • I tend to side with the pro Hudd brigade. Could still do more, but is fairly solid in the middle and knows how to pass and that's where Palacious needs to improve. Wilson can pass fairly well but is often very careless and has come close to gifting the opposition a scoring chance several times.

      Anyway, looks like Hudd will be missing for a while if he has torn ligaments so we will soon see the difference he makes, one way or the other.

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