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  • Did the biz.. Got a great record for england has to be on the plane and a possible starter. Go Crouchy

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    • Crouchy's certainly something different as regards man marking of him. He's a great option to throw into the pot when things ain't going right, again he's done his World Cup chances no harm at all.

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      • The fact is Heskey appears to be the favourite based on the most recent England team selections but when you look at the goal scoring records of him and Crouch that doesn't make sense.

        Crouch deserves his place at the WC. That said, he is rather limited in terms of what he can offer. He can't cross, he can't tackle and he can't go past defenders BUT he scores goals AND he gives that last ditch, sling it in the box, element that no doubt will be necessary at some point so make sure there is a seat on that plane near the emergency exit with the extra leg room.

        I think Heskey is better at holding the ball up and laying it off for supporting midfielders but other than that he can't offer anything - not even a couple of goals!!