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  • The prognosis doesn't look too good at the moment does it. Daffy's hammy problem; a couple of players cup tied and the ever growing injury list that's seen two players recalled from loans (someone somewhere asked why not recall Robbie Keane...why not indeed!!).

    So who do we have available (no resting players for this one)...Gomes, Corluka, Bale, Dawson, Bassong, (that doesn't look to shabby, does it); Palacios, Modric, Kranjcar (now I'm stuck...no Lennon, no Bentley, no Huddlestone...not even Jenas), so Gudjohnsen (right?), aaaaannnnndd...who else or is 4 enough. In the event that Defoe can't make it that would leave us with Crouchy and Pavy up front...not sure of that pairing...could work though, stranger things have happened this season. And who comes off the bench to ignite the team if needed?

    Fill me in with your picks...

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    • Bale looked pretty decent at LM... I am eager to see Lennon back on the right. Bale and Lennon on the outsides running at the opposing defense... good things coming for spurs

    • I gots contacts ;)

      He's been back for a while, I'd say he's been on the bench for the best part of a month; at first I doubt he was 100% fit, and he might have had some sort of twinge or similar afterwards, but for at least the last couple of matches it's more that Bale's (rightly in my book) been keeping him out.

      I actually thought it was a pretty good game; perhaps not for the neutral but I really enjoyed it. Did not appreciate the commentators though, and Clattenburg made a lot of decisions I couldn't understand, for example there were 2 occasions in quick succession during the first half that it looked as though he was signalling for us to play the advantage, but there was no advantage to be played. I wondered if he was actually saying to play on, but there in both there was a clear foul that he'd ignored. Grr.

    • Time to give the youngsters a run. Townsend and Livermore could figure in this one. I saw Townsend a few times when he wa on loan at Orient, he was impressive. Recalling Keane would be a retrogade step as, despite the lower quality in Scotland, from all accounts he is not setting the world alight. This of course means that in all liklihood Keane will be back with us for next season, prefer things as they are now that Pav is getting a run. Keane's return would confuse things in the striking department again.

      I wish Harry would give some of the youngsters a run when we have a few injuries rather than making more signings (Kaboul), we already have Dervite.

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      • I think I remember Kane being a bit nifty (that's the technical term), and I'd start BAE at LB and move Bale to LW. I think for this game we're gonna have to go out all guns blazing, as SB (I think) was right by implication; our defence is our strongest asset at the moment, so we have to rely on them to be able to pick up any slack and go hell for leather.

        ... although now I'm disagreeing with myself... Pav & Crouch are both on form, and I think they'll be a pretty interesting pairing, I reckon they might just complement each other styles nicely. For me, the wings, especially the left, are going to be our key. Bale's only really played the last couple of months, so is still energetic compared to many, and BAE might be a bit short of match fitness, but he's also been out for 2 months so should be quite alert. He was doing really well pre-injury, they'll be the key to us succeeding. Follow some overlapping play from them with a neat ball to Crouch (NOT high), ready for him to feed Pav to have some fancy footwork and fine goals.


        I'd also leave midfield quite fluid, give Modric a really roaming role but encourage him to utilise the right flank too.

        In conclusion:


        + fast movement and holding the ball high up the pitch = muchos goalos and happy blondie.

    • At the back we've got Kyle Walker, all we've got left in midfield is Dean Parrett and Ryan Fredericks (who???), and up front Harry Kane (who???) and Danny Rose, and Paul Jose M'Poku (who???).
      So it's not only who can come on and ignite the game Rambro - it's who can come on if we get an injury?
      But ya know, sometimes bringing on one of these kids can be huge for them and they step up and raise their game.
      I'm thinking that Crouchy and Pav up front might be a dynamite pairing.
      As I said in another thread - should be an interesting game - and I still go for a 2-1 win!

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      • id definitly take a draw tommorow.
        id fancy us to beat them at home but i also fancy them to beat us at their place with all out injuries.

        i dont understand harrys logic of getting rid of keane & bringing in eidur. keane is a lot better & a lot sharper & fitter.

        he will prob play modric in the middle but il midfield will be even more weaker defensively then normal!

        at least our defence is fine. & we got crouchy to come in for defoe. but obviously we would be much stronger with defoe.

        it will be a close game & any 3 results wouldnt be a suprise.


      • Kyle Walker, like Kaboul is cup-tied. We've seen a bit of Danny Rose this season and he's not looked bad...not a game-changer though, the other guys you've mentioned...well, who knows...I'll be open and hope that if called on they do rise to the occasion. But we've got a lot of accurate passing talent sitting on the physio's bench in Hudds and Bentley...and while we've missed the speed and guile of Lennon, we've adjusted to life without him (so far), but who knows where we might have been with him healthy and destroying opposing fullbacks weekly.

        I like your optimism, and I'll leave it at that (you might start confusing me with Spursbabe (er...sorry SB..laughs...nervously)