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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 6, 2010 23:08 Flag

    FA Cup

    I think I remember Kane being a bit nifty (that's the technical term), and I'd start BAE at LB and move Bale to LW. I think for this game we're gonna have to go out all guns blazing, as SB (I think) was right by implication; our defence is our strongest asset at the moment, so we have to rely on them to be able to pick up any slack and go hell for leather.

    ... although now I'm disagreeing with myself... Pav & Crouch are both on form, and I think they'll be a pretty interesting pairing, I reckon they might just complement each other styles nicely. For me, the wings, especially the left, are going to be our key. Bale's only really played the last couple of months, so is still energetic compared to many, and BAE might be a bit short of match fitness, but he's also been out for 2 months so should be quite alert. He was doing really well pre-injury, they'll be the key to us succeeding. Follow some overlapping play from them with a neat ball to Crouch (NOT high), ready for him to feed Pav to have some fancy footwork and fine goals.


    I'd also leave midfield quite fluid, give Modric a really roaming role but encourage him to utilise the right flank too.

    In conclusion:


    + fast movement and holding the ball high up the pitch = muchos goalos and happy blondie.

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