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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Mar 15, 2010 03:55 Flag

    Was this a first for Spurs?

    Yesterday's line up against included only two English players, whereas there were three Croatians. Does anyone know if this is the first time for Spurs that English players have numbered less than one other nationality? I can't think of any other time! Is Croat now the language of the dressing room? LOL! Great result, efficient (only) performance!

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    • With the likes of King, Lennon, Bentley, Huddlestone, Jenas and Woodgate injured it shouldn't come as a surprise...but if you're inferring that Spurs have a new policy that leans towards buying foreign talent, I think you only need look at the injury list and then look at the kids we've been picking up here and there to know that the Spine of the team will be British if not English for a good while to come. (But good spotting that).

      And why oh why didn't Alan Hutton play for us like he did for Sunderland yesterday; now I sort of see what the fuss was all about...and maybe it was all bout getting a run of games, but the lad looked a monster against Citeh

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      • I've always rated Hutton, who played a blinder for us until his foot injury last year. He hasn't been playing to quite the same standard since that long lay-off though I thought he'd improved until his loan in Jan. I admit his situation wasn't helped by Corluka becoming established at RB while he was out injured. Hutton has more pace than Corluka and crosses the ball well, plus I thought he and Lennon combined very well on the right wing. Not for nothing is Hutton Scotland's 1st choice RB. He's only on loan at Sunderland though so if he continues to show such good form then he'll certainly challenge Corluka for the RB spot.

        So, here's something to slaver over when everyone's fit - Lennon and Hutton on the right, BAE and Bale on the left - both terrorising the opposition defence, with Modric and Palacios ranging across the middle of the park and Daws with King/Bassong/Woody holding steadfast at CB. Daffy & Pavy up front with Crouch and Gudjohnssen as back-up. It'd have the likes of Manure, Ar5ena1, the Scousers and Citeh green with jealousy wouldn't it??

      • No, Ram, no inferences at all, I am aware how it lies with our injuries, and I am also delighted with our Croatian players, especially Modders, I was just having a little muse to myself about this being the first time English players have been out-numbered by one single other nationality, in this case Croatian! I can't remember it ever happening before! Know what you meam about Hutton though, did show a bit of class we never saw!

    • * against Blackburn!