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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Mar 16, 2010 16:37 Flag


    Duff is a leftie so no good to replace Bentley, anyway Bentley at last showing some promise.

    I like Ohara, but not quite good enough as first choice, we need top drawer CM.

    Jenas for anyone who can run faster than my nan.

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    • Duff had his chance to join us from Chelski but chose the bright lights and exciting prospects of the Toon instead....Doy!
      After helping them into the Championship the tousle haired little oik can see out his days in west London fantasising that he is playing at one of the capitals big boys!!
      Id go for this Sandro fella for about.. mmm ...6 million...............hang on a minute!!

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      • OUT:- Jenas definitely leave, Woodgate probably leave, King not leave, but not playing regularly, end Gudjohnsson's loan.
        IN:- Sandro is on his way!!!! Another centre back, as usual, then bring back Bostock, Hutton, Giovanni Dos Santos and O'Hara. Possibly Keane, if he is happy to be on the bench.
        That should give us a good enough squad to start with, Harry can look at the world cup and see who else there might be available. I think we also have this agreement with Brazil's Internationale of first refusal on there academy players.