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  • patrix patrix Mar 17, 2010 00:32 Flag


    first: bale, crouch, dawson don't play always in the first 11----kranjcar is a endurance player (but one of the best tranfers) that can be easily change just like ekotto or bale( which play in the same position).and pavy, yes is a moment-player right now.

    second: corluka is hard to be a subs. right now just like gomes

    Sorry, but this is my opinion, some players are better then others

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    • Corluka for me just isnt up to the task against the top teams lennon,mod,daffy,gomes,daws as he is fit and reliable and hudd are all key but thanks to harry and the backers we now r in a position to bring in quality to replace injuries as our recent run shows we lose players but now our squad is as capable as any in the epl just hope the 3 big games in a row dont ruin a fantastic enterprising season as with champs league at the lane who knows what this squad plus a couple could achieve up the YID ARMY

    • Pat, I think "Key" players have been many for us this season, it has been that kind of season. We've been fighting to stay in the top four and for cup honours, and also fighting loads of injuries, so you could mention any one who has played for us this season who could be regarded as "Key" at least once! Except maybe Jenas.(Poor guy). It's more than a team game, it's squad game this year, and every one has played a valuable part, for a change!

    • You've lost me Pat.

      "first: bale, crouch, dawson don't play always in the first 11"??

      Nobody bl00dy does Pat!! BUT.....

      Bale has started the last 7 games on the trot so if he is not now a first choice I don't know who is. Crouch has played in 29 games which is more than any other striker including Defoe. Dawson has played in 21 games which is hardly a non starter tag is it??

      Ekotto and Bale played in the same team last week so did we have two LB's playing Pat? Don't be daft.

      If you were picking the team tomorrow who would be up front? It would have to be Pavy based on his recent goalscoring record so that means he is a first choice in the 11.

      "second: corluka is hard to be a subs. right now just like gomes"

      Corluka was bought as a CB and it is only because we have struggled to find an in form RB that he has played in that position so often. Gomes does not have any real competition for first choice does he with Cuddicini out so no surprise he is first choice.

      "Sorry, but this is my opinion, some players are better then others"

      State the bleedin obvious Pat why don't you! Of course some players are better than others and we all have an opinion on who they are but what I don't understand is why you decided that you would post your thoughts on this subject and then followed that up with the quotes above.