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  • It was announced today that Sandro has been signed will be coming to spurs next season, i dont know much about him, so i have two questions
    1 Is he anygood....
    2 Why do brazilians only have one name


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    • The one name bit is easy...they're usually known by one name becasue they're given 50 others to make up their full name (I don't think they even know their full names before their 15th birthday...and besides how you gonna fit all those names on the back of a shirt...look at that van vnegar of hassledunk geezer...ridiculous shirt...name looks like a horse-shoe pattern up the back of one arm across his back and down the other arm!!

      Sandro...that'll do just nicely thanks...and if he stinks the place up...we'll soon be calling him Sandra!

    • 1. Apparently Yes
      2. Maybe to help the mother remember who the father was.

      Wicked, I know....but funny.

    • Lifted this off the net.....I'm not doing a Vito and claiming it as my own but I thought it might be useful....I particularly like number 7...funny!

      10 Things You Probably Already Knew About Sandro

      by Dan Fitch on March 23, 2010

      Tottenham have played down the speculation surrounding whether we’ve signed Sandro or not, but with Internacional having announced that the deal has been done on their website, something is definitely brewing.

      Here are 10 things you almost certainly already know about the Brazilian midfielder, who we have/haven’t just signed.

      10. Sandro’s full name is Sandro Ranieri Guimarães Cordeiro and he is 21 years old.

      9. He has one full cap for Brazil, having come on as a substitute in a World Cup qualifier against Chile last year.

      8. Prior to becoming a full international, Sandro was the captain of the Brazil under 20 side.

      7. Sandro is a big favourite of the Internacional fans, who sing the following ditty in tribute to him.

      “Sandro scores the goals, Sandro scores the goals, Sandro scores the goals, so we will give him a cow, and he will milk it.”

      6. At 6ft 1″ tall, he is not a short arse.

      5. His brother is a musician. All together now: “We know Sandro will play a blinder…”

      4. Sandro will probably not be troubling our top scorers list, having only ever scored one goal for Internacional.

      3. He wears the number 8 shirt at Internacional, which will hopefully be available for him to take over at Spurs next season.

      2. If he signs for Spurs he will only be the third Brazilian to play for the club, following Gilberto and Heurelho Gomes.

      1. There is a lack of good YouTube footage available of the player, which at least should tell us that we’ve bothered to scout him properly.

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      • Great post Jay although I am not sure how number 7 weighs up with number 4.

        Presumably the fans have not actually sung the cow song too often (which is not going to even rival Cheryl Cole is it lets be honest) seeing as he has only scored once.

        I am most definately another one who hopes this signals the end of Jenas. I wonder if O'Neil or The Special One are still interested?