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  • NLondonisred NLondonisred Mar 25, 2010 17:55 Flag

    Well done to the enemy

    I know I must be an enigma! I like to see London clubs running the Prem ( and I dont mean russian). I would hate to see the hammers go down and I would like to see Spurs get 4th. It makes going to matches easier and the fans of the Midland and Northern teams seem to love it when someone gets a leg break.
    Spurs are ambitious and you have to admire that. I would love to see the top 5 places full of London teams!

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    • Sorry, but I cannot stand Arsenal or Wenger and want them to win nada. It's my problem I know, but when you've spent a lifetime working at places where your colleagues are either Yids or Goons it gets into your bloodstream. Good luck to anyone who plays against Arsenal. Can't help it, can't pretend. COYS!

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      • I agree with John,

        I cannot bring myself to watch the Goons ( unless of course it is against us ). It was drummed into me at an early age that as a Spurs fan I have to hate the Gooners.

        I suppose I do have a grudging respect for the Gooners fans as they are just as entitled to follow their team much like I do mine, but I can never congratulate them or ever want them to win any game that they play in and I rejoice whenever they lose!

        Now where did I put my Barcelona shirt?

      • hi HRJ i have to say in this period of civilry (is that a word lol) to our n london neighbours i admire ur honest opinion. im sure the comments of respect to each other have been said with gritted teeth and a feeling that turns all our stomachs no matter which side of the divide u r on.

        i for one also never want arsenal to win anything that doesnt benifit spurs but while we r all being nice i will cheer them on against city lol.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this and it is appreciated. Whilst I don't like Ar$e for obvious reasons I have always admired the way they play and I am not afraid to say so.

      True football fans are able to admit when another team plays well no matter what the relationship between the teams involved.

      Ar$e are playing really well and if they get top spot I won't be moaning about it - as long as we get 4th and the FA Cup of course! Good luck.

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      • I would love to see Spurs in the CL myself and am not afraid to say it too. Just so long as my Arsenal do better obviously as the pain would be too much to bare otherwise.

        I honestly do not 'hate' any club at all. Although i realise others believe i do (especially the United fans at present it seems).

        Imagine an Arse V Spurs CL final!!!

        Bloody hells bells the mind is boggling at that thought right now.

        I hope one day the top clubs in England will all be from London.