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    Which would you rather: FA Cup-2010 or Play in CL-2010/11

    Not sure if this issue had been discussed before, but I surely think it's a crucial time to take stands to avoid a catastrophic end to a brilliant season!

    For me, I'm all for the FA Cup!
    Firstly, a Trophy is much better than a run in the CL - where we might be knocked out in the 1st round!

    Secondly, look at our current fixtures (below).
    It is getting packed by the day.
    The run-in with the top-3 has been exasperated by our semi-final match on the 11th April.
    So effectively we have 3 matches in 7days, and 2 of those matches (albeit at Home) are with Arsenal and Chelsea!

    How do you see it?

    Saturday, 27 March 2010 (EPL)
    Tottenham v Portsmouth, 15:00

    Saturday, 3 April 2010 (EPL)
    Sunderland v Tottenham, 15:00

    Sunday, 11 April 2010 (FA CUP S/Final)
    Tottenham v Portsmouth, 16:00

    Wednesday, 14 April 2010 (EPL)
    Tottenham v Arsenal, 20:00

    Saturday, 17 April 2010 (EPL)
    Tottenham v Chelsea, 17:30

    Saturday, 24 April 2010 (EPL)
    Man Utd v Tottenham, 12:45

    Saturday, 1 May 2010 (EPL)
    Tottenham v Bolton, 15:00

    Wednesday, 5 May 2010 (EPL)
    Man City v Tottenham, 20:00

    Sunday, 9 May 2010 (EPL)
    Burnley v Tottenham, 15:00

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    • Origins of the phrase 'Sick as a Parrot'........not a lot of people know that!

    • See KM I was right about interesting posts!

      I especially like the bit about the Spurs parrot dropping down dead on the day that Ar$e suspiciously got elected to the 1st Div in 1919.

      Bl00dy murderous and cheats those Woolwich scumbags!!!

    • Good thread, Theo

      4th place for me (that is if a choice has to be made, like most Spurs fans, both is the best scenario).

      To get 4th we'll have to have made some kind of statement and/or impression on the 3 clubs above us, in doing this we would be deserving of 4th place...if we don't make an impression, we simply won't finish 4th (and if we don't make an impression, say lose to all three next month, then I'd say we don't deserve to be representing our league in the CL qualifiers).

      The FA Cup...all it takes is one bad day (or one exceptionally good day from your opponent...who'd have thought Villa would be on the wrong end of the second worst spanking this season, today at Stamford Bridge...I hope Chelsea have gotten that out of their system!) and you've lost everything (ok, losers medals...almost an oxymoron, a medal for losing, ok, ok, a medal for getting that far and losing, but at the end of the day you're no better than the guys that got knocked out in the first round, save a few bob...glory-wise I'm talking about).

      Is there anyone out there like me that thinks playing the semi's at Wembley takes a bit of the Wembley mystique away from the Final?

    • Great opinions guys. Well like almost everyone both would be great. And I usually opt for the trophy. However, looking at the bigger picture I would have to go for CL (4th place). This would attract a few bigger names and hopefully stop someone like Modric from leaving remember what happened last time we lost 4th (berba to Manu).
      Plus looking at Pompey now depsite winning the FA cup recently shows it does not take the club forward.

      Champions league all the way.


    • Interesting one Kentish, and I'd think you'd be right about it going to the 8th placed team. I remember talk of this happening a few years back but can't remember the outcome. Way to early and the hangover hasn't cleared yet haha.

    • i am a bit worried about missin out on 4th place and losing the fa cup final if we get there, i cant go through all that emotion all over again like wen we surrend our 4th place to arsenal! let hope it dnt happen once again, cos if it did, i am goin to Bridgend and hang myself up! we have been playin so ever well this season despite our injured but once lennon and defoe is fit i can see us beatin and drawin the big 3 coming up! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

    • As a long suffering Spurs fan of 30 plus years. This has got to be the season I have been waiting for, so I want both!!

      Fourth place is ours to lose and we are more than capable of winning the cup.

      The only downside is the champions league qualifiers which would mean our season starting in early August which is never good thing.

      And also there is the world cup which will probably involve at least 3 or 4 of our players.

      But what the hell lets go for it!!


    • Point taken Lee. I realised I didn't answer the question either - difficult one but I reckon 4th place just shades it in my book.

      Here's a poser - if we get 4th AND win the FA Cup, who would get the UEFA Cup place? As potential defeated finalists, Chelsea will/should already qualify for the CL and I reckon Villa should finish 5th or 6th. Would they give it to the 8th placed team - currently Everton - since 5th/6th/7th already qualify for it?

    • KM - absolutely, I know there is a long way to go and there is a big chance we will miss out, so I'm not expecting anything.

      However, since the original post asked which I'd prefer us to get, in a hypothetical scenario, I was putting my view forward. Out of the two I would prefer 4th spot. But there is a long way to go.

    • we won fa cup before. I think it will be fantastic to play against barca, real madrid, inter, milan......so i vote for CL, and i think we are favorites ( liverpool & villa are more close to lose uefa cup place then take the 4th ticket to CL)

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      • Both would be great of course. However, if I had a choice I would have to opt for 4th place. As much as I have always loved the FA Cup and all the romance that surrounds it, I really feel that it's time that Spurs stepped up to the plate and moved on to the next level and the only way to do that is to get into CL.

        I also think it would really shut up some of our detractors of which there seems to be many. And I am not just talking about fans of the Scum here - did you hear those tossers Hansen & Lawrenson at the weekend on MOTD? They were very dismissive of Spurs chances as indeed they always are. And this is the same Alan Hansen predicted Liverpool to win the Premiership!! What a tool.

        I also think that, despite some frustrating results this season, Spurs fully deserve 4th place as we are better team than Citeh, Villa and Liverpool!

        CL could indeed be the start of taking Spurs back to the big time and you are right Cameo Delight that it will attract some of the top players that have been out of our grasp for some time now. I see it as a progression that has been long awaited at the Lane.

        So, my choice is 4th place, the CL spot and European glitz & glory and April is a massive month in that push for 4th.....COYS!

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