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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 28, 2010 00:38 Flag

    Which would you rather: FA Cup-2010 or Play in CL-2010/11

    Kentish, 5th, 6th & 7th aren't already awarded Europa; 5th is FA & CC winners. 6th placed will have a spot because Man U won CC, and for the FA Cup it used to be that the defeated finalists would be offered the place if they other team had already qualified, but now it goes directly to 7th place. So if - hypothetically - we got FA & 4th it'd be passed on to 7th placed team. Which means if Villa continue to drop off the pace they might be seriously after the FA Cup for a European place...

    The reason this gets complicated is because we (EPL) had a 4th place a few years back because we topped the European Fair Play League, so that confuses people.

    Back to the original question... I was torn for a while, particularly as I wouldn't expect us to get that far through CL as it's our first time there. However, as someone else pointed out, you can't put 4th place in a cabinet. After umming and aahing for some time (I took it a bit too seriously!), I decided that while 4th place isn't winning anything, it's a considerable sign of improvement, and if we don't get 4th Citeh probably will; their money means they'll have a stranglehold over the CL spots for some time to come, we need to take our chance while it's still open, get the experience, attract the right players and take that next step.

    So, on balance, 4th place, which I never thought I'd say, but I don't see any mutual exclusiveness between the two and I want both :D

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