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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Mar 29, 2010 03:50 Flag

    Could we do 3rd ?????

    Good on yer, Weyspurs, what's wrong with dreaming a little.

    We all do it sometimes, whether it's a Ferrari, winning the lottery or Kylie (steady Jimmy Pearce). It ain't gonna happen, especially for Jimmy, but so what.

    I agree about 4th spot being jumped up, but we are where we are and if it brings CL to WHL, with the chance of playing the best teams in Europe then I say Bring it On.

    It also raises our profile a little and will assist in attracting/keeping better players so that we can push to the next level. So I see 4th spot as a means to an end rather than a glory thing.

    I guess most spuds will see it that way too....... once the initial excitement fades.