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  • Layla Layla Mar 31, 2010 03:30 Flag

    Could we do 3rd ?????

    Weyspurs I understand your point about dreaming. But u asked the question could we finish 3rd & I answered the question as no we cant, which is my opinion. I didn’t realise we were only allowed to answer yes.

    & also when I said ‘its stupid to suggest it’, it was a dig at me for being so negative all the time.
    But nice of u all to become judgemental & jump to conclusions to feed the drama queen in u.
    For example if spurs were winning 3-0 at HT & someone posts its another 3pts for us. So in reply to make fun of myself I say that’s stupid to even suggest it. I’m just making fun of myself.

    u could have asked me what i meant by my 'stupid' comment but then u wouldnt be able to post all you judgements & act like drama queens.

    Also most people have said they don’t think we will get 3rd but that’s fine for them to say it but not me.

    So for the 2nd time, it was a dig at me not weyspurs. Sorry to disappoint u, because a lot of u got very excited. Have I ever had ago at weyspurs? no. sorry if i offended u weyspurs.

    Sfer- nice of u to jump on the glass half empty bandwagon but is saying we wont finish 3rd really that negative? I doubt many spurs fans or neutrals would say its that negative. I know most fans I speak to are hoping for 4th & is what they see our best finish as. But if u think we have a decent chance of 3rd then that’s up to u. we don’t have to agree.

    Thanks rambro for being the only 1 to see I wasn’t directing it at weyspurs or at least giving me the benefit of the doubt before u judge.. Again I was making a parody of myself for my usual negative comments.

    Sfer- I appreciate your judgement on my username. But I did some voluntary work in a children’s hospital. I got quite close to 1 of the sick boys there & he was also in to football & a big city fan.
    I use to call him citydude as a nickname & he use to call me spursbabe as a nickname. when I joined the forum I couldn’t think of a great username like u, so I chose spursbabe as I know he would have liked it as he made up the nickname.
    Then I showed him the website & my username & he was really happy that I chose the nickname he had given me.
    So I’m sorry if my username has upset u & forced u into making so many judgements. It must be nice up there on your pedestal.
    & no I don’t think I’m a babe. I know I’m not good looking but it don’t bother me as there’s a lot more to life then looks.

    Also you go on about women etc when its you guys doing the gossiping, being drama queens & over sensitive.

    Yes I work at every utd home game so I guess that may have something to do with me being harsh on us.

    & if I actually asked any of u to ask what I’m overly negative about what could use actually say?
    I don’t rate corluka as highly
    I think we just miss out on 4th spot.

    Hardly that amazingly negative.