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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Mar 31, 2010 19:59 Flag

    Could we do 3rd ?????

    without goint through all the other posts i have noticed when ur rattled everyone should look out, but if u were to work with me then u would see im the same lol. i dont think spursbabe was calling anyone stupid just saying the idea of 3rd is stupid, which it is a little but im a dreamer and its mathmaticaly possible so i will dream too.

    yes the negative side of spursbabe is frustrating and her comments on corluka get me going as im a fan of his but i think this has been blown well out of proportion and we should all remember we r all spurs fans wether we agree on everything or not, we should never turn on each other like this ,its what sets us apart form the mancs and scousers. ok sermen done. praise the lord arry.