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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Mar 31, 2010 04:07 Flag

    Could we do 3rd ?????

    well spurs babe it must be hard working at O.T seeing the mancs get 10 mins extra time and fergie chewing like a horse. and ur negative comments ( i will say they r negatvie cos of thats whats been posted) are sometimes what we need to bring us back down to earth, for us all its been hard to watch our team miss out or underperform and i cant understand if u doubt spurs a little, there isnt anyone one this board that can say when we r winning 2-0 there is a little bit inside them thinking please dont lose 3-2 i know i do.

    so my view here welcome or not is that when people post a comment or thread that isnt to the groups liking but is still intelligent and of course about tottenham then we shouldnt react in a personal way. there was no need to mock spursbabes user name( i bet its made a few guilty faces after reading the reason behind it) just cos she feels 3rd is daft to think of. i too feel that its stupid to think we can get third , i would lovei t and dream about getting there but right now we r not even certain of 4th.

    so any way spursbabe i agree third is stupid but i like corluka , and hope that u continue to post , as if we all agreed then this board would be a bit sh1t.