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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 12, 2010 01:30 Flag

    So there goes the FA Cup


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    • I mean if Chavski Win,, Pompey get it.

    • Goes to FA Cup Runners Up,, as confirmed that UEFA have
      given them permission to play in it now.

    • Benidorm just ignore the people obsessed with highlighing anything i say & ignoring everyone else who says the same thing as its getting pathetic how biased they are against me & how much they pick at things i say despite others saying the same or worse.. For example ifI say pav had a poor game they have ago at me even if in the same thread plenty of u guys say it too & even mention it before me.
      Benidorm u have said way more negative things then me & they not said a word to u. Rambro & another poster have said its time to throw in the towel & they havent said anything.
      If they want to be obsessed with trying to bully & put me down then let them get their strange pleasure.
      Born2suffer there can be more reasons than 1. The ref made cruical errors but The players & harrys decision was bad too. Now go to any thread & have ago at anyone who brings up a diff point in a diff post in the same thread- u would be here all night if u did. I was disapointed by the ref & our performance.
      I agree about the ref against arsenal, soon as a strong tackle flys in the arsenal players surround the ref, wenger starts whinging & the ref gets the red card out!

    • Whilst i will freely admit i own a rather sticky copy of Viz or two i am afraid to say Roger that for me it was all about the vibrating bum faced goats.

      They still send me all a quiver to this day.

      You Roger have left me feeling dirty and cheap and i am no more comfortable in my own body.

      I will be asking for both salad and mayonnaise free sarnies henceforth.

      I can only hope the mighty Gooner men spank your Yiddo boys silly on their own ground this Wednesday as way of some recompence for this, the worst of all crimes.

    • You were enjoying that? Oh well....

    • lie on a bed of salad ?

      Fab i know you like the thought of a comic book character chomping you off infact i can see you now, through my imaginery cartoony imagination with the latest viz just resting on your trouser leg but seriously shouldnt that be a job for Batwoman or similar. I just cant spread myself too thinly on these boards, you know that. Maybe you see me as the mayonnaise,

      which indeed is even more worrying than your worrying

    • Your clearly biased dear chap.

    • Apologies HRJ, just noticed the timing of the posts, you wasn't in the way at all....just seemed that way.

    • I do believe you have just invited me to lie on a bed of salad whilst you chomp away on me with a lustful look in your comic book eyes Roger!

      A positively worrying thought old chap.

      Most unsettling.

      Even for a man of my legendary sexual prowess.

    • Well it is clear we both seem to have unhealthy obssessions here Fab. Me with cunts and you with arses. On this basis I would say mine is a little more healthy, I could even eat it with salad

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