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  • Layla Layla Apr 12, 2010 01:38 Flag

    season over.iv said all season this squad isnt good enough

    iv said all season this squad isnt good enough & todays awful performance & poor decisions by harry has proven it.

    too rub it in city smash another team & seal 4th.

    as soon as we took defoe off i knew we were in trouble. he is the only player up front with pace & good movement. we need a goal so he takes off by far out top scorer. yes, defoe was quiet but he didnt have much service & also many games he is quiet & then pops up with a goal.
    big mistake from harry. i said a few wks ago i dont like harrys obsession with subbing defoe off early all the time & its backfired again. we need defoe on the pitch when we need a goal.
    fergie dont take rooney off when they need a goal.
    soon as pav came on it was a lot easier for the pompey defence. no pace up there, just pav & crouch who are very static & have no pace.

    i still dont think pav & bentley are good enoughf or us.

    the rest of the players except gomes, bale & maybe crouch were average.

    iv said all season we have too many weaknesses & iv being dismissed as too negative but it was shown today.

    we miss lennon too much & without defoe on the pitch we never look like scoring.

    well done pompey, u deserved it.

    no we are knackered & heart broken for the arsenal game & wilson will miss the next 2 games.

    still think if we can hold ourselves together & battle till the end then we can hang on to 5th & get a uefa cup place.

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    • SB - you've just gotta love this - you can come out and blast the team to your heart's content - and I'm sorry you are not a supporter - supporters support! This latest diatribe of yours has finally convinced me to block your inane negative prattling.

    • You forget that this is a cup game and it doesn't matter if your in the prem or div 3. The players always perform to another level in these games. We had 28+ shots at there goal a penalty decision go against us. It was not meant to be. The pitch did us no favours either.

      Its been a long season and considering where we have come from its a huge leap forward. We been in the 4th spot for long periods of the season so to say these players are not good enough is wrong. Its not over until the final game of the season, A lot of tough games coming up but the quality is there.


    • What a surprise - the first thread I see since the semi is SB saying "I told you so"

      Whether you agree with her or not and whether or not you think she is too negative the fact is that this sort of thread is very unattractive and to my mind shows a real lack of class.

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      • Doesnt anyone else see the irony in all this pontificating by those who think we should all have the same viewpoint?
        Whats the point of an open forum if you put all those you disagree with on ignore? Why bother coming here?

        My gripe is not with SBs views but the manner in which they are expressed. I've been a Spurs fan long enough to know the difference between blind optimism and stark reality so dont need to be lectured on that account. Its the NLD tonight and all I have heard all week on here is about throwing in the towel.......yer right.

    • & i could say the same to u EY.

      anyway lets just agree to disagree.

      lets look foward to the big match

    • Spurs have every chance of a lucky win, no two ways about it.

      Lets hope its a scorcher of a game either way.


    • modric not been aas good but to be far he broke his leg & missed many months some i going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      i dont think lennon should or play in the arsenal match as he is only just back in training. he will need a good few wks more to get match fit.

    • SB, it's a bit early to say City have sealed it. Yes, things are looking dark but they can lose a couple just like anyone else. I said early in the season that we would need a cushion going into April and we failed to do that, but it aint over until the well proportioned lady starts to yodel.

      We have been unlucky this season with long injuries to King, Woodgate, Modric, Lennon, Dawson and niggly ones to Defoe, Huddlestone, BAE, Pav, Bentley and Jenas, though most would say the last one was a good thing.

      So all in all, this season has been a good one.

      Who knows what the next few games hold, this may yet be our finest hour.

    • We'll spank the arse on Wednesday

    • good point benidorm about the passion. the last 2 games we didnt show as much fight & passion as i expected.

      we have shown it in a few games like stoke, blkburn & wigan away which is an improvement.

      we are still very much in the hunt for 4th & im not giving up. but in my honest opinion i feel its citys to lose.

      lots of utd fans think chelsea will now win the league but it dont make them bad supporters.

      i could say the same about supporters who are deluded & belive we have no weaknesses. that attitude is just as bad because we arent admitting to our faults & improving them.
      instead we just say we were unlucky etc & this team is great & next season we wil get 4th etc.

      im just desperate for us to take the next step because we have such a good team & are so close to being a top team.

      i also agree about injuries, obviously lennons been huge blow, im sure he would have torn pompey apart yesterday.

      i hope we do spank the gunners. ridiculous wilson cant play.

    • Yeah B2S - hopefully they are not - and I do not believe they are. If anything, they should now have the motivation to really pick it up for the next few games. I'm guessing they want 4th even more than we do.
      Although - as you point out I suspect there are some on this board who would like to see us miss out so they can prattle on about how the team is not up to standard etc. Not really necessary to name the defeatists who are already thinking the season is over.

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