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  • Layla Layla Apr 12, 2010 01:38 Flag

    season over.iv said all season this squad isnt good enough

    iv said all season this squad isnt good enough & todays awful performance & poor decisions by harry has proven it.

    too rub it in city smash another team & seal 4th.

    as soon as we took defoe off i knew we were in trouble. he is the only player up front with pace & good movement. we need a goal so he takes off by far out top scorer. yes, defoe was quiet but he didnt have much service & also many games he is quiet & then pops up with a goal.
    big mistake from harry. i said a few wks ago i dont like harrys obsession with subbing defoe off early all the time & its backfired again. we need defoe on the pitch when we need a goal.
    fergie dont take rooney off when they need a goal.
    soon as pav came on it was a lot easier for the pompey defence. no pace up there, just pav & crouch who are very static & have no pace.

    i still dont think pav & bentley are good enoughf or us.

    the rest of the players except gomes, bale & maybe crouch were average.

    iv said all season we have too many weaknesses & iv being dismissed as too negative but it was shown today.

    we miss lennon too much & without defoe on the pitch we never look like scoring.

    well done pompey, u deserved it.

    no we are knackered & heart broken for the arsenal game & wilson will miss the next 2 games.

    still think if we can hold ourselves together & battle till the end then we can hang on to 5th & get a uefa cup place.

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    • yeh its a great win! i had it down as 2-2 so happily they proved me wrong. not long ago we would have got nervous & conceded a late goal.

      well done boys, prove me wrong & get 4th.

    • A pleasure SB,,,, :)

      We beat the SCUM 2 - 1
      A great game and great goals.

      luvly,, bragging rights :)


    • I appreciate the reasonable reply SB, it's always difficult with digital comms how things read to other people - you just came over to me on the title thread, esp 'Season over' as more a Gooner on here to bait us than an actual Spurs fan! (sorry, no insult intended!)
      always better to discuss than dictate..
      lets hope the Gods or ref dont shaft us again tonight, and the team makes us all proud...

    • good posts dale & benidorm. iv already dropped it & want to move on but as u can see a few other posters would still rather talk about me rather than the NLD, thats what i dont get.

      sorry if i hurt your feelings but i honestly didnt mean to make it sound like i was rubbing your noses in it etc. by saying "iv said all season", i just meant that its the same problems with the team that iv mentioned all season.
      i thought it be a lot quicker for me to put "iv said all season..." rather then to state & go through all the problems i think this squad.

      im sorry i wasnt clearer & u took it the wrong way(which is of course the most offensive way,suprise suprise).

      back to the match tonight, im going to predict 2-2 draw.
      defoe+modric- bendtner+rosicky.

    • i think its more then about how spursbabe supports , i have posted saying the same and no one has called me on it. i believe that 4th has gone and we bottled a big game, weve got a massive run in and after the last 2 games i think we will do bably.

      do u know what ?? i think people who cant stand hearing someones point of view cos they dont agree with it , they r the ones who should hang there heads in shame. ive been blinded with optimisom for years now about our new dawn and after these last 2 games and a bit fed up. it doesnt mean im anyless a supporter it just means im pissed off. and it will happen to use all. so lay off spursbabe and lets carry on with talking spurs.

      so many times people on here talk about how we r better then most cos we r spurs united, but then people jump on each others backs and slag off people cos of there views, i hate losing and hate when we see a lack of passion in players some poeple want to share there views on this with fellow spurs fans , thats the point of this board. so if u dont like it dont post or click ignore , if u have a nonpersonal view thats great but dont insult some one cos u dont like their point of veiw.

    • LOL so we on the Mighty Arsenal board are MUGS
      well we dont pay £750 a year to watch the dross you do
      You might well win tommorow?
      I will hazard a guess it will be a score draw thats what i am expecting their has to be some sort of reaction to losing the semi final of the FA cup or they dont deserve to pull on the shirt
      but i do wish you manager would stop his wide boy rambles of getting nearer you are light years away even after all the money harry has spent !!

    • Spurs have every chance of a lucky win, no two ways about it.

      Lets hope its a scorcher of a game either way.


    • Come On,, lay off SB,,, We all have our ways of supporting.
      SB has Hers, EY has his and I have mine.
      Hell,, a few weeks ago I believed we could win the League,,
      as well, a double,, But thats me :p

      I have a couple of gooner mates who said that they felt we could
      give them a pasting,, that was before the semi,, 1 of them still
      feels that the gooners well feel a backlash,, are they not supporters of their club ? and before you ask,, they are bond holders. Names on their seats and all.

      So we support/fancy/love differently they are all types of passion.

      We are Spurs supporters, we live and breath Spurs, thats what matters.

      (gets off soap box,, puts in recycle bin)


    • What a surprise - the first thread I see since the semi is SB saying "I told you so"

      Whether you agree with her or not and whether or not you think she is too negative the fact is that this sort of thread is very unattractive and to my mind shows a real lack of class.

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      • Doesnt anyone else see the irony in all this pontificating by those who think we should all have the same viewpoint?
        Whats the point of an open forum if you put all those you disagree with on ignore? Why bother coming here?

        My gripe is not with SBs views but the manner in which they are expressed. I've been a Spurs fan long enough to know the difference between blind optimism and stark reality so dont need to be lectured on that account. Its the NLD tonight and all I have heard all week on here is about throwing in the towel.......yer right.

    • & i could say the same to u EY.

      anyway lets just agree to disagree.

      lets look foward to the big match

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