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  • if we finish level goal difference with City, & exactly same goals scored/conceded, how do they work out league placing? whats the next criteria for who is above the other, games between the 2?

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    • Found this on the Sporting Life page (while keeping an eye on the Citeh-Manure score):

      If two or more teams finish level on points the team with the better goal difference will finish higher.
      If two or more teams have the same points and the same goal difference, the team which has scored the higher number of goals will finish higher.
      If two or more teams finish level on points, goal difference and goals scored, and the championship, a relegation place or European qualification is at stake, they will then play off to decide who finishes higher

      Obviously the first one is a no-brainer, and currently Citeh have scored 69 goals to our 60; but I am definitely NOT liking the idea of a play-off if indeed it comes to it - would it be over 2 legs or on neutral territory? Does it apply if the battle is for the CL or only if a Europa League place is at stake?

    • I believe that the teams are considered to occupy the same place. Which ( I believe this is where you are going) - makes it interesting if we are tied with another team for 4th spot. In the past the EPL has had 5 teams in once (when the scousers won the preceding cup but did not qualify for the CL), but that will not happen again (absolute limit on 4 teams per league).

      My guess is that they will look at head to head competition, and if that is equal, goals for and against in head to head competition. So if that is the case, as of right now we look good with City after beating them 3-0 at home, not so good with the scousers as they have us on goal difference 3-2 even tho we each held our own at home. If Villa somehow manage to pull themselves up, we would be tied 1-1 ....

      It's going to get interesting (like it isn't already)

    • Not sure, James. In some leagues, the results between the tied teams is taken into account.

      Is this the new annoying thread? It's not very annoying.