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    Pompey - Europe and Transfers

    I was going to add this the earlier thread, but wanted some 'serious' comments - rtaher than just someone trying to slag off Spurs.

    I see that Pompey have been excluded from Europe by the FA - leaving it open to the 7th place team. Maybe I'm cynical - but do you think that would hev been the case if:
    1) The team wasn't Pompey (ie was, say Newcastle)
    2) The team who potentially will then qualify wasn't one of Villa/Pool/Everton...etc.

    Surely Pompey were penalised by having the 9pt deduction - why should they be punished again?

    Secondly - I still can't believe all this nonsense re transfer fees and who was/wasn't transferred. Why on earth doesn't the FA(s) ALWAYS act as the intermediary in all transfer enquiries/finalisations? Surely it's not beyond the wit of the FA(s) to force all offers etc through themselves? This Begovic issue would then be a complete non-issue as the FA would know exactly who was 'bought/sold' - which they should know after the event by the registrations anyway.

    I'm not saying that agents become redundant, just that when it gets to the point of making an offer - that should be tabled via the FA(s) and should be transparent. The deal is then accepted/rejected via the FA(s). That would also then stop tapping up etc. As the clubs would give their permission for players to be approached etc through the FA(s).

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    • good shout on the ref beating us B2S, it was a sickner to have some one who didnt want us to win change the game, although i think we could of played better.

      anyway, the non transfer is a daft situation to be in, i hope that it is sorted quickly cos i dont wanna see us involved in finacial bollox, its hurts us before, didnt el tel fcuk us with that stuff in the early ninties??????
      get the cash or sort out payment and move on, no more helping teams cos if a time came where we were stuck then no one will help us,

      i do feel sorry for the fans , cos if spurs went down i would be unable to speak for years, it would kill me. but i cant wait to see the back off them for all the shit between arry and them , the players, coaches , loanies, money etc, its too much and now they r gone it will be the end . time for arry to say we r his team and us only, no more talking about them no more feeling sorry and helping, just moving on and champs league for us tiem to really forfill all our hype.

    • I agree Benidorm, I feel sorry for the fans but rules is rules and Pompey must have known that when deciding not to register.

      The non-transfer is clear cut, so we want our £1m back.

      Mind you, it was the ref who beat us at wembley, not Pompey, but I hope they go on to win it, tall order though.

    • Yeah - I think it would be different for Pompey if they weren't Pompey. But on the other hand, they didn't apply for a European License within the time frame required, and now they want special dispensation. Difficult - what they are asking for is special consideration after the fact that they screwed up - so it is really once again on the incompetence of their management.

      The Begovic issue is clear. If we paid a million, with the intent of helping the club out (and of course getting a decent back up), then they sold the player to another club for more money, damn right they owe us a million. Their behavior in this issue is wrong on simply so many levels - never mind the question of agents etc. they should repay the money that was given them under the agreement. Uncovering this behavior to my mind, has diminished my opinion of the club.

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      • OF,
        I think that Pompey have had a bit of a raw deal - I'm not too fussed about Storrie. But imagine if you were one of their fans and just found that you hadn't registered for European football - the TV money alone would have helped next season, let alone the gate money. I never knew before this, that you had to register. Sounds like a nonsense - why doesn't the FA auto register all the teams in the Prem? Presumably there must be a financial reason why Pompey didn't.

        To me the Begovic thing is clear cut - but all this speculation and dross could simply be stopped if the FA controlled it. To my mind the FA should know exactly what payments are due for which players - that is crucial and would also stop the nonsenses like the Tevez case. Especially if Pompey are the first of many clubs that go the same way.