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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 23, 2010 00:10 Flag

    Pompey - Europe and Transfers

    I think that Pompey have had a bit of a raw deal - I'm not too fussed about Storrie. But imagine if you were one of their fans and just found that you hadn't registered for European football - the TV money alone would have helped next season, let alone the gate money. I never knew before this, that you had to register. Sounds like a nonsense - why doesn't the FA auto register all the teams in the Prem? Presumably there must be a financial reason why Pompey didn't.

    To me the Begovic thing is clear cut - but all this speculation and dross could simply be stopped if the FA controlled it. To my mind the FA should know exactly what payments are due for which players - that is crucial and would also stop the nonsenses like the Tevez case. Especially if Pompey are the first of many clubs that go the same way.

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    • Two different issues to my mind.

      I don't beleive any right minded person would suggest that having renaged on the deal we should let them off the million they had off of us under false pretences. OK if they got a better deal i.e. 3 mill instead of 1 mill then great for them BUT that means they should pay us back and still make an extra mill profit.

      Not registering for Europe was a big mistake and only goes to show what a real mess the club is in but its nothing to do with us or our million quid.

      I feel sorry for the fans as they have been very badly let down by the management team but there is a limit to my pity and a million quid is way past it.

      Arry got out at the right time didn't he!

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      • Sfer,
        But how can you not be registered for Europe? Must be me - but surely the default should be that you are registered (given that its what most clubs (in the EPL) are playing for) and if for some reason you want to opt out, then that should be something that is publicised. The implications of teams not registering could be immense. What happens if we get to the end of the season, get 4th and the FA say - 'oh, you're registration arrived after the 5pm deadline - so you're not elligible'?