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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 23, 2010 02:07 Flag

    Pompey - Europe and Transfers

    But how can you not be registered for Europe? Must be me - but surely the default should be that you are registered (given that its what most clubs (in the EPL) are playing for) and if for some reason you want to opt out, then that should be something that is publicised. The implications of teams not registering could be immense. What happens if we get to the end of the season, get 4th and the FA say - 'oh, you're registration arrived after the 5pm deadline - so you're not elligible'?

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    • i have to say my answer on this isnt as clever or articulate as the rest here on pompey in europe. i know we have lots of links this season with them ie players , arrry , the cup. but i dont care if they dont make it into europe. they messed things up for them selves buy failing to look after their cash flow. now its hit them in the ass.

      oh and they beat us lol.