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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Apr 23, 2010 05:17 Flag

    Pompey - Europe and Transfers

    good shout on the ref beating us B2S, it was a sickner to have some one who didnt want us to win change the game, although i think we could of played better.

    anyway, the non transfer is a daft situation to be in, i hope that it is sorted quickly cos i dont wanna see us involved in finacial bollox, its hurts us before, didnt el tel fcuk us with that stuff in the early ninties??????
    get the cash or sort out payment and move on, no more helping teams cos if a time came where we were stuck then no one will help us,

    i do feel sorry for the fans , cos if spurs went down i would be unable to speak for years, it would kill me. but i cant wait to see the back off them for all the shit between arry and them , the players, coaches , loanies, money etc, its too much and now they r gone it will be the end . time for arry to say we r his team and us only, no more talking about them no more feeling sorry and helping, just moving on and champs league for us tiem to really forfill all our hype.