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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 24, 2010 21:48 Flag

    Just not to be...1-3

    I could go on about what went wrong...but the big picture is...I was hoping for 3 or 4 points from this 3-pack of games against teams above us...we got 6 and I'll be happy with that.

    Now, with guys puking up all over the pitch, let's hope we're not done in by a bug...AGAIN through the rest of the season.

    Good to see Lennon back out there...hope this means we can look forward to more scintillating attacking.

    Captain King lead by example
    Dawson, kept it solid with his favourite CB partner...but our outside back performance RB in particular was our undoing...(so why didn't Hutton get recalled again?....where's Walker, injured?)...both penalties came as a result of RB's...someone like Rudolf the Red-Nosed Manager will take advantage of those type of match-ups.

    All in all...we could have done better, but I'm not going to be down on our boys, they've already exceeded my expectations.

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    • (sighs, shakes head)
      SB, I was going to argue the toss re your reply but suddenly wondered 'why?' You're a stubborn, stubborn woman & good luck to you! I say this with a smile :)
      have a great week!

    • what about the wins over arse & cheslea without corluka?
      i could just as easily say we might not have won those games if corluka had played.
      i know what u are saying benidorm but the main reason corluka doesnt dive in is because he has no pace & if they get round him then he has no chance of recovering.

      yeh i got to the game. was very disapointed with our performance but not too upset because it panned out how i thought it would. we always go to old trafford with no belief & conviction. & they always coast along & comortable beat us without having to play that way.

      as long as we win our last 3 then it will be ok.

    • i remember corlukas stinker last season, but this season i think h has inproved like most of the squad. i dont think we would have given 2 pens if charlie had played, first the pens were given awau by 2 out of position players charlies lack of pace is backed up by better positioning. charlie doesnt commit himself stupidly near the box, he is calm and i dont think would of messed up like that. i do think arry messed up playing BEA there to start, kaboul had done a great job against arse and chelsea. i rate charlie as a player who will be getting better and better and i think he is a key player , like it was said u dont realise till hes not playing. not the best in the world but still first class at the back.

    • I understand what you're saying, it's just such a specific example this time. Can't remember (thank God) details of last years game (the 5-2?) so take your word for it re Corluka's cock-ups, but I can't recall ever seing him commit 2 such stupid fouls for pens - both by temporary RB's in his position, think he's been more than solid there all year, yes some mistakes but not big ones like yesterday.
      Not saying we'd have won, just we may not have contributed to our own downfall quite so readily. Utd may have actually had to create something themselves & neither team did much of that.
      Thought game overall was a bit disappointing, like CC Final & earlier this season in the CC again - both sides not firing like they can
      You'll be relieved to know our dates off! LOL - if it was ever on. Did you get to see the match at OT?

    • Pretty much agree with what's been written here, we didn't quite look like the same side that were so great in our last two home games...but how long could we have kept it up? Utd. away was always going to be a big ask, and we fell short. BAE is definitely no right-back and Gareth was stuck in his midfield mode. Berbatov put more effort into this one than I've seen from him in years, and King and Daws had their hands full, but I think they coped admirably. Again, I think we don't get Mods into the game enough, I think he is our most creative MF man when given the ball more! But that's the worst of our daunting run-in done and I think we've done superbly! This run-in was the reason others were writing us off for a top four place, and here we are, still in with a great chance! COYS!!!

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      • defo high road, we r stil there and fighting. we have too beat bolton and burnley and i hope the lads take it a seriosly as the arse , chelsea games cos we all know thems with nothing to lose can hurt u. infact as long as we dont lose anygames we should be ok. arse did us a little favour drawing with city and if villa can do the same and we win against bolton we should be favourites for 4th. its still wide open 1 of 4 teams can sneak it, i pray we dont miss out after so much time in the top 4.

        yes it was nice seeing berba miss a load of chances but it wasnt nice seeing him get those chances, thank god for ledders sliding block after bales airshot. not the best game weve had but we didnt crumble and kept at it. like i said got to beat bolton now.

    • I'm gutted that we lost 3-1. I thought at 1-1 we could hold on and take a point but giving away those penalties did for us.

      Beni, I agree with you about playing out of position. Sometimes it can have a positive effect - eg Bale at LM instead of LB - but to play a left-sided player at RB and then push Wilson back to that position IMO was a disaster waiting to happen. Wilson stayed forward or drifted into the centre midfield too often and consequently broke up the shape of the defence. 'Arry did the same v Pompey and Wilson left gaping holes at the back - Daws had to keep shouting at him to get back and defend. In his pre-match interview 'Arry said he didn't think Kaboul could have coped with Nani's pace, but he'd probably have done better than BAE, who looked much better when moved back to the left. Not sure he'd have given away the penalty as easily if he'd been on the left.

      I know 'Arry probably wanted to bring Wilson back for his tackling capabilities but it backfired badly unfortunately as he didn't do much as far as I could see. The Hudd had a bad game and maybe playing with Wilson had an unsettling effect after the wins v the Ar$e and Chelski.

      I suspect Defoe was taken off because he wasn't getting the service he needs to score. Gudjohnssen has a deft touch and can hoodwink defenders sometimes - the shot he missed should have been hit first time and he could have got lucky.

      Great to see Leds scoring (even if he did use Carrick as a springboard) and bringing heart back to the team - we upped our game after that for a while.

      I think Bale has forgotten how to defend after playing LM for so long - he should have covered Nani and not let him get inside for his goal. Have to say it was a lovely chip over Gomes who'd done well until then.

      However, after all's said and done if anyone had said we'd get 6 points out these 3 games I'd have called them a liar. Playing at Fortress OT was always going to be hard even without Rooney and Ferdinand. At least it was only 3-1, it could have been more I guess.

      To cap it all Citeh couldn't win v the Ar$e this evening so we're still just in 4th. Even Villa can't push us out if they win tomorrow because they have an inferior goal difference. Their game v Citeh next week will be interesting won't it - we simply have to beat Bolton; the home support will be crucial in spurring the team on (no pun intended, well maybe a little!).

      Oh, and wasn't it sweet to see Berbasulk fluffing so many chances ;-)))

    • i think if u look at the united team and ours on paper there isnt much difference, i dont think they r much better then us i think what sets man utd apart is they never die down, they remain organised and keep fighting. even if a player is having a off game they still put in 100%. where as if bants or pav are quiet u get far less. its something sir alex has installed in them and its something i hope arry will continue to install in our players. rooney is with out a doubt world class and is probably better then anyone in our team , but is nani better then lennon, scholes better then modric, vidic better then king???? no i dont think so . ithinks its all a winning mentality and that never say die attitude that keeps them fighting and finding ways to beat teams.

      and i blo0dy hate them haha

    • good thread. im more then happy with the 6pts out of 9.
      i had us down for draws against arse & chelseas & the usual defeat to utd. so we got 4 more pts then i thought.

      overall a great effort from the boys.

      however i agree benidorm about todays line up & performance.
      i dont think we played well at all & gifted utd the goals.
      dont forget this is a utd without rooney.
      it reminded me of the carling cup game there earlier in the season where utd seemed to be in control & coasting, they seemed to want it more then us.

      but its nothing to get down about because utd our in a diff league to us. i expected utd to dominate & beat us & theres no shame in that.

      dont know why we didnt stick to the same team although i would have been happy with wilson playing instead of hudd who lets be honest isnt good enough against the likes of utd.

      ekotto makes a lot of mistakes as it is so switching him to RB was asking for trouble.

      pav & bentley again were too quiet. they are both very inconsistant & if decent offers came in id sell them both.

      king was outstanding again. dawson did ok.

      also still very unhappy with defoe again being subbed with over 30mins left. he is our main goalscorer 7 only player who scores regularly. so what do we do?take him off again & leave on pav with eidur. u may get away with playing pav & eidur against burnley but away to utd u need your top scorer on.

      we look lost when defoe isnt up top, which showed towards the end as there was no target for the players to pass to & score.

      anyway we are still very much in the hunt for 4th & theres no shame losing to utd who lets be honest are a lot better than us.

    • i think after 2 fantastic and most would say suprising wins why change the team. wilson was a little rusty for being out for 2 weeks and the rest had played fantastic before today and shouldnt have been changed.

      well ive said what i feel and moan over . to get 6 points out of them 3 games was brilliant, hoping the arse do us a favour, although watching it now they look like they cant score for sh1t. come on gooners this is the only time we want u to win so do it.

    • Yet again,, Fergie gets a present from a ref,, when will it ever end. Game after game they get given presents. It's just not funny, it spoils the league. Everyone knows that the refs will give Moan Ure everything they want at OT.

      I'm more angry at being beaten by penalties than anything.