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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 24, 2010 22:26 Flag

    Just not to be...1-3

    It leaves a nasty taste doesn't it Jimmy?? Think I'll just think it, can't bring myself to use the words.

    I, like everyone, didn't expect us to get 6 points from these 3 games, so we can't be unhappy with that. My estimates were 0-4 points (fairly confident about beating Chelsea & a draw against Arse), so while our April takings are a point down from predictions - bloody Darren Bent - all things considered it's not
    too bad.

    Just a shame we couldn't nick a point, that could have done us the world of good. Only wins are acceptable now; I'm fairly confident about all 3 matches, depends which Spurs turn up but I've got faith it'll be the right one.