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  • you gave us a very tough game today, and for a change we won it without controversy, even harry admitted they were penalties.
    but i hope you get 4th, you deserve it and proved in the last 3 games your ready for it having beaten the delusioned goners, who actually believed they would win the league, then blamed injuries, which spurs have also had but just got on with it without moaning.
    unlucky today, i think we just about deserved it but you made us work.
    ps, can we have modric, absolute class player

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    • Thanks very much, and no you can't - for the first time I really believe we might not reluctantly lose any of our first team this summer. I don't want to jinx, but they all seem pretty happy and redknapp knows how to plant seeds of doubt in their mind should anyone's head be turned by rumours that may come up.

      I kinda felt like we dropped the ball a bit today, but as I said in another thread, we've done far better than expected recently so can't complain too much.

    • Kind words Lynden - no question that the penalties were good calls (a rarity at Old Trafford you must admit!), and as someone else has already pointed out, the result of playing a non-RB in the RB position. I'm just not sure why 'arry put that lineup out there. I think Kaboul would have done better than BAE or WP - not sure why 'arry didn't start him - or one of our young lads - it's a puzzle - especially as it meant Bale was pulled back instead of playing L midfield.
      So - poor coaching decisions on 'arry's part?
      In any event, I shall be shouting for the pikey's this afternoon - with Arshavin and RVP back they should be able to handle City.