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    what I find scary (apart from Roger, obviously)

    is the level that we need to play at to stay where we are now! We've won, what 7 of 9 or 8 of 10 games, we weren't exactly off the pace when the run began & even with that kind of form, we've only pulled away from Liverpool....we have to reproduce form like that season after season to live close to Man U, Chelsea & Arsenal - have to give those bastards credit for doing it year after year, lets just give ourselves the chance, over the next 2 weeks, to finally start the process - it's then going to involve stepping everything up a notch but we're close to having the squad to do it

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    • im not fucking scary jimpop, its fucking people like Martin Keown, Ian Dowie and the other bloke Susan Boyle. All much more fucking scary. These idiots should be on after the 9pm watershed ONLY and thats final. Small children are vulnerable to view such terrible afflictions, and some adults too. But for me, im never fucking offensive or scary. In fact ive had a warning from yahoo about my language. SOme cunt has complained

      So obviously i cant fucking swear anymore. No its no more Mr Nice Guy from me.

    • The top three are in a different league to the rest IMO. Like you say they produce year in year out and when you also consider they do that in the Prem whilst also reaching the final stages of the CL year in year out i think it is plain to see the quality on show.
      However i do believe that the Prem is getting tougher as other clubs catch up. You just have to look at the players teams have available now to realise this IMO.
      This season is not yet over and unless Arsenal buck their ideas up and stop playing as though it is over they may well get pipped to third which would be catastrophic for the prospects of next season as the players would have to return early and do so after the World Cup.

      P.S. My beloved Arsenal have played without their main striker for the most part dont forget (otherwise we may have run away with the league).


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      • yeah Fab you definitely missed RVP, though you know as well as I do that he wouldn't have guaranteed any extra points - other players step up, hopefully, who wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity. Bendtner has done as lot better than I thought he would, as he's a bit of a carthorse, not in the Senderos category but not fit to lace RVP's boots
        obviously Arsenal have had other injuries as well, but remember we lost Woodgate for virtually the whole season (one of those times when the player coming in, Dawson, has probably done as good a job...), King for over half a season, Modric & Lennon, who was totally on fire when he got hurt - knock on effect with Defoe not being half as effective without him
        guess every team can bemoan their injury lists....wouldn't it be great to have a guaranteed injury free season for all of us, and none of us could have a moan!

      • I love the way the Gooners get their excuses in early!!

    • I've been wondering for a while now whether in the PL we have a case of the 'best of the rest' getting better, or the 'top teams' getting worse... there's the slightly earlier exits from CL (although QFs are no mean feat), but all the 'big 4' - NOT top 4 like some pundit referred to them the other day! - have lost games to surprising teams, probably most notably Man U losing to Burnley.

      Are we catching up because we're improving, or is their reign ending because they're just not as good as they used to be?

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      • I think its a bit of both nbr. I honestly believe Manure and Ar$e are not as good as they were. Manure have a few weaker links in thier regular starting line ups than they used to and Ar$e, well all I need say is Bentnar!!

        Chesea, having gradually got a squad together over a couple of years, are looking like they have fairly good cover in most positions so they are looking quite strong. 'Pool are weaker than I have seen them in years.

        Us, Villa, Citeh (although they will take some time much like Chelski did to settle down) and Everton are looking strong. So, some are getting stronger and others are getting weaker - its the way of the world.