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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 27, 2010 18:42 Flag

    Apropos of nothing

    I was just listening to Jeremy Vine and he was talking about a bloke who dies in the streets as people just walked by him.
    Then I read the Steve Carr is being investigated by the police as he made an offensive gesture to the Villa supporters after the game.

    Must be me - what world are we living in - people who are quite happy to waste the police time over a gesture (I might try going out in the street and giving the V sign to all the people I pass, just to see what the police do about that) and people who are so afraid/wrapped up in their mobile phones/ipods that they don't stop to help some poor sod in distress.

    Makes you want to scream doesn't it? No? Must be me then....

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    • i REALLY DID smoke behind the bike sheds and got caught once too... i got pulled by my ears by the deputy head and he banged me and my mates heads together. "Fuck me" i thought, "wont be doing that again, i'll smoke outside the grounds in future"

      22 years on and ive given up. Thats why i sound so angry

      Withdrawl symptons

    • I hear you loud and clear!!

    • PS... that makes it sound like I'm a goody-goody - no, far from it. I used to be a 'mod' in the times of two-tones, Levis, Ben Sherman's, Fred Perry's and 'arry jackets (if your parents could afford it - mine couldn't (my dad was a lorry driver on a pretty poor wage in those days - and no tachograph - so starting at 3am and getting home at 8pm). So I had the cheap alternative....). We used to drink underage (sharing a pint of mild or whetever we could scape enough money together to buy) - meet up as groups on street corners. We probably intimidated the older generation as most younger generations do. That is the point of being young - you have to rebel - but in that rebellion you learn the rules and learn that there are rules - which ones you can break and when - and to take the consequences.

    • B2S,
      I think it was a generational thing.

      If you look back, all (and I mean all) things go in cycles. We had an austere period from Victoria through to the end of WWII and into the 50's.
      Then we got 'love and peace' and the attitude that everyone had rights (which they do - everyone has rights, including the abused teacher or granny). Those people who grew up in that 'love and peace' era became the 'leaders' of today's youth. Everything became politically correct.
      It is typically 'fall of empire' - how empires degenerate and become third world - to grow again later. It doesn't make it easier when you realise it, but it is just part of the cycle.

      Same for footie - getting it back to the subject we all love - Liverpool had their time, Woolwich theirs, Ure theirs, Chavski - it all goes around. Reach the pinnacle, then the decline and re-build. The sensible people realise all this and see the cycles and try to minimise the effect of the decline.

      Circles in circles, wheels within wheels - that is life.

      I should have been a philosopher (either that or a fletcher)....

    • I would have gone for a barter mechanism, but I just couldn't get my head round how many pigs four chickens were worth (and how do you judge half a pig - by weight or by volume - and who wants the bum end anyway?)....it started to give me nightmares about old maths problems that included four men, 2 and a half buckets and a bath with no taps....aarrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh....brain meltdown......

    • I dont recall group beatings from every adult in the village myself (witch hunts maybe) but then i never lived in a village and i have heard they can be strange places if you dwell too long.

      It is good to see however that teachers are still allowed to beat children around the head with dumbells in class if the kids become lippy, without fear of reprisal.

      On a serious note, i would agree that the fact that adults are afraid and indeed are unable to reprimand children these days is a major cause for concern and is totally wrong.

      We should also be allowed to beat our women.

      Just as we were be back in the day!

      Fab (dusting off me olde duster).

    • Teenagers are rebellious. Always have been and always will be.

      It takes more than the parents to bring up a child.

      It takes the community and we dont have communities these days do we?

      Also the teachers need more power to beat the little shits until they bleed real tears so children shake sitting in the corners of every school the length and breadth of the land cowering in fear at the wide eyed mouth foaming cane weilding adults hell bent on revenge and with a lust for blood which can only be quenched with a clenched fist planted in a quivering school boy face.

      Hmmmm............................either that or give em detention.

    • Really interesting view their mate! Although iv never brout into this generation thing, especially now days as everything evolves so quickly! Things i did when i was 10, my girlfriend whos 2 years elder didnt do. Example pokemon cards, she was too old for them i was in the prime of them. Geuss what im saying is a year makes a difference into what were into rather than a decade,,,,, But the whole cycle thing is right, its been proven!

    • Wot, no cattle or sheep.

      This new fangled money thing looks like catching on, especially the lightweight deniers.

    • Community was when every adult could reprimand any child, including a clip round the ear, without fear of reprisal from said child's parent. This system meant that all the kids needed eyes up their arse to avoid being nabbed by any adult in the village.

      It was like having a policeman on every corner, so the kids grew up respecting (and fearing) their elders until it was their turn to be the adult watching over all the kids.

      And of course, the teachers wielded real power and, when it was needed, so did the authorities. To return to those days would require shooting all the bleeding heart namby pamby do gooders and politicians. I say "shooting" because I fear you won't get rid of them any other way.

      I've seen the old fashioned ways of society and I've seen the modern way....and I know which one worked the best and so does almost everyone of my age, shame those in power cannot spot it. Those that advocate the softly softly approach to try to understand and excuse the little shits must surely realise by now that, although it might be intelligent, well reasoned and civilised, it don't fcuking work.

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