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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Apr 29, 2010 22:29 Flag

    Apropos of nothing

    Me too mate, I often despair at such things and when I go into one of my rants the wife says "Whats the point of getting angry, there's nothing you can do about it".

    She fails to see that's partly why I get angry.

    Society was much better behaved 50 years ago, where did it all go wrong.

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    • Political Correctness, Health and Safety Executive and bloody HUMAN RIGHTS!!!
      Perpertrators are better protected than the victim.

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      • How about forming a 'grumpy old Spurs' group?

        Theses kids just don't know what it's like to be alive....

        Back to the footie - got my son a card for his birthday (the whole family has been indoctrinated - my elder brother brainwashed me, then his son, His son then brainwashed his son - and I did the same to mine (just a bit of waterboarding)) - it had a picture of Perryman, Knowles, Beale and Roger Morgan (good job it had a legend on the back saying who they were - as I wouldn't have recognised Morgan in a month of Sundays - and Knowles looked like a young Mike England to me) - took me back to the thread a while back re the Morgan twins.

        Just looked up Perryman - he's apparently 5 years younger than me - football must take it out of you. Good job I never went professional (I never quite made the school 1st XI) as I'd look ten years older!

    • B2S,
      People like me were born!
      (Actually I'm slightly older that what my ID says - I gave that age when I registered the account 'n' years ago - it was accurate then - honest!)

      Some things get better, some get worse. I'm just not a great lover of what 'isolationalism' is doing to society - everybody seems so immersed in their own little worlds. I blame computers - oh, the irony of it all!

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      • Computers, T.V's, the scaremongering media and politicians and the slow but deliberate erosion of the British culture and the identity of its people. The cameras at every corner 'protecting' you and the overbaring but oh so caring government telling you precisely how to look after yourself.

        Old George Orwell predicted it would be so, even down to the 'invisible enemy' constantly threatening these shores did he not in his book '1984'?

        Written on his death bed as a warning to us all.

        That's me in room 101 then.

      • And the car. When we bused it,biked it or walked it we met people and we exchanged pleasantries. Now it's come out of house, walk 10 feet, get in car, arrive at work, walk 30 yards to desk or workbench, head down then reverse it all at 5.30PM.

        What do you propose to charge in subsciption fees to join the Grumpy Old Bastard Spurs Supporters