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  • Roger Mellie Roger Mellie Apr 30, 2010 20:18 Flag

    Fairytale Result

    Yea fair play to Fulham, but i will just add this: Roy Hodgson has the face i would never tire of punching. He just really irritates the fuck out of me. just hearing his voice makes me want to headbut the fucker. But yea congrats to hugh grant and co. puffs

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    • Well done to Michael Caine, Honor Blackman, Lily Allen and Terry MCann from Minder..all a bit partial to a bit of 'Cottaging' I hear.
      Great cup run from Fulham and would love to have seen them humiliate the fat waiters boys in the final if they hadnt choked at Anfield last night.
      Lets hope Fulham win it for the premier league and we'll say nothing of the fact that they nicked our Europa league place on the last day of the season shall we.....its forgotten.....over.....
      Sorry Rog ...I can think of lots of faces who need a pummelling before I get to Hodgson.