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  • Well done Yiddos.

    Twas a great game to watch.

    Well played.

    Most entertaining.

    Looks like half of London will be BLITZING the ONLY European club cup competition of any real worth ...........................and i am not averse to that.

    I sat in the boozer surrounded by yids going DOOOOOOOOOOOLALLY.

    Do me a favour though......dont go topping the Arsenal FFS.


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    • Sfer,
      I'm just saying that the players we had come to the club provided the basis of what we still have - 'aary had the building blocks already in place. And from what I see, 5 of the players are not with us. The others - I admit - weren't always there - 'arry brought a couple back and then sold others (so he did actually have Chimbonda and Bent and Zokora) - but that only enforces thah the squad back then (thes are the seasons where we got 5th) forms the basis of what we have now.
      The 'arry '....they only had 2 points....' although totally true, belied the quality of the players at that point.
      Keane - Still here
      Berbatov - gone
      Dawson - still here
      Defoe - still here
      King - still here
      Bale - still here
      BAE - still here
      Robinson - gone
      Lennon - still here
      Huddlestone - still here
      O'hara - still here
      Jenas - still here
      Zokora - gone (but did have)
      Taraabt - still here
      Chimbonda - gone (but he did have)
      Bent -gone (but he did have)

      So I simply repeat - it wasn't the squad that was the problem - it was the manager at the time (Ramos) who didn't get the best. I give 'arry full credit for doing that - as I said earlier he has motivated the players and got the team to do what it was capable of - Ramos couldn't do that.

    • Not sure where you are going with that John. 8 of the 16 you mention have gone and it would be 9 out of 17 if you included Carrick. That means Arry had only 8 players to start with (and that includes Jenas FFS) that he had to use to build the team to where it is now. I think that is a huge acheivement that not many managers would have been able to do.

      Certainly if you look at the squad you have listed there is no way IMO that those would have been capable of doing what the team has done by getting into 4th.

      You could probably take most teams that finished between 6th and 12th and list half the squad that would form the basis of a really good team if you added another quality half. One thing saying it- completely another doing it. Arry deserves all the credit he gets in my book.

    • ...oops - memory jogged by latest news that Carrick (he was here under Jol) may be coming back - all we need then is Robinson back.

    • I think 'array actually fell on his feet. The squad that MJ brought together (that was already challenging for 4th) was largely inherited.
      When you think that we had back through 2005-2006:

      Then it puts into perspective what a farcical underachievement it was when 'arry started. I would suggest that Wendy (One Day?) Ramos was the problem, not the squad.

      I'm not decrying the purchases (or 'arry's motivational management skills - I think he's done wonders getting the belief back) - Modric,Pav, Bentley,Krancjar,Gomes,Palacios (some of those I still have doubts over - time will tell) - But the basis of a bloody good squad was already there.

    • No question about that. Harry inherited a team of misfits, brought back a couple of ex-players and spent wisely on class acts like Palacios and Kranjcar to strengthen the squad, it's now the strongest squad I've seen in years and that's down to the team work ethic that Harry has instilled and having faith in players who might have been shipped under previous managers -- Bale, Pav, Bentley, Huddlestone.

      As Andy Gray might say...Take a bow, Harry!

    • "Thank you 'arry" is right Big G - the lads have all played a great season (never mind the thoughts of where we would be sitting right now if we'd won a few of the games lost/drawn that we should have won!) - but 'arry has got to take a lot of the credit for what we've achieved as a club over the past year.

    • Fabs.
      Just 1 question.
      How will you feel if we pip you for 3rd place?

      I know you're really gutted at the mo!

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      • Lads i think those who have had the great pleasure to have read my many informative, wholly unbiased and impeccably polite views on the Spurs board down the years will know VERY well that there is only ONE way the legendary TOP Gooner poster Fabongrass could possibly be feeling IF Spurs managed to have an exceptionally LUCKY season which culminated in your beloveds finishing on top of my beloveds (oooer Mrs!) and that Fabby emotion Spurs folk surely MUST BE...................


    • Come on now Fab - you wouldn't begrudge us jumping one more place in the prem would you?
      Reality is all you have to do is beat Fulham - you lads should be able to do that shouldn't you ... I mean I can't see you guys chocking in the last game of the season - can you .... just make sure they they eat some bland and safe food before the game - better stay away from those escargots and horse meat - and definitely steer clear of any dodgy lasagne!
      It would be funny if we ended up in 3rd place tho ..... wouldn't it?

    • thanks Feb, it was totally nerve wrecking for us, that ended up as a very special night! feels bloody good...

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