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    A season loan deal for Berbatov ?

    Berbatov has failed to live up to his WHL billing at Old Trafford since his club record £31 million move to Man U.

    The former fans favourite at WHL has often found himself on the Sub bench in important matches for his present club, and may be available at the end of the season.

    It's clear to see that Berba is struggling to win over the Man U fans with his languid style of play, and could be sacrificed this summer for a more mobile striker in the blood- and- thunder mould.

    I know Berbatov upset many Yiddos during his last days at WHL by appearing disinterested and unhappy at the club in order to force through his transfer.

    He's still a decent player and has the all important CL experience which sorely lacking in your side.

    A season's loan deal for Berba - how does it sound Yiddos?

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    • Couldn't see the message you replied to there as I have the moon on ignore.
      But I'm sure that it's the Plastic ManU fan doing things with prawns sandwiches/Whinger/Fergie and runner up medals :p
      And it wasn't at OT as he has never been, like most of them.

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      Why the hell didn't someone tell me about this?!


    • Shame you can't spot the difference between a Utd Glory Hunter, and a staunch Gooner.

      Then again, staying up googling free porn until the early hours will do that to you Dale.


    • Ahh,, that cleaned up this section,,, the Ignore button gets rid of Glory hunting Utd fan who clearly has no idea about football.

    • I mean,,, man utd fans, not gooners.
      And theres mean thinking you would be crying in your glory hunters nappy coz you lost the title.

      I bet you have never been to old trafford.

    • No,, it's none of those arse,, it's morons like you that bring out the nicer side.
      You should fuckoff back to your padded cell before they know your missing.
      And I will just add yet another muppet to the ignore list.
      You really are an embarresment to other gooners

    • Either working odd shifts doesn't suit your fragile state of mind (posting at 2.41am), or you're another one who gets her knickers in a twist easily.

      Or could it be that you don't live in the UK at all?

    • Why dont u give whinger a blow job as thats all your mouth seems capable of, other than spoutiing the shite u licked from his arse

    • Cameo are you fucking retarded? Why a season loan? Why would they not sell him? Why make these rumours up? Why are you a cunt?

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      • I dont think I could put up with Berba and his silly ways.
        He acts like a kid that wants his sweets when he cant get his way.
        He can be class but is not always on the same page as the team, meaning while he's sulking that he messed up a chance, the team is defending a counter attack and would be greatfull of another head/body in there helping out.
        He spat his dummy out to go to ManU, leave him there as he got what he wished for.

    • No to Berbatov, no to Carrick and no to Keane! No jumping on the gravy train once all the grunts have loaded it up.

      Class back up GK IS A MUST!

      Remember when we couldn't find a left-sided player mid or back for love nor money...now our cup runneth over...trade a couple of them in for some class right sided (preferrably backs) player(s).
      Strikers...buy one really top class one and...awww ain't happening.

      Ever worked at a job where you're part of a team that puts processes in place to make your job more efficient...and then they sack ya because they don't need you anymore...well, a lot of players are in that boat (and I daresay there are a few that reside at WHL)...we should definitely keep those with class, they deserve a share of the spoils. The rest...say good night Irene!

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      • Agreed,

        Berbatov & Keane broke up a perfect striking partnership that would have seen us into the CL a few seasons back if they would have stayed and for me that is unforgivable and even though Keane came back he was always looking for the first opportunity to get away as soon as the next club came along.

        As for Berbatov he is a mercenary ( he's only really in it for the money ) and he has shown that he has absolutely no club loyalty whatsoever. We are now a better club without them both so IMO we should sell Keane to Celtic in a cut-priced deal ( as Celtic are his second boyhood club after all ) and leave Berbatov to rot in the Manure reserves.

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