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  • sledge sledge May 9, 2010 19:32 Flag

    A season loan deal for Berbatov ?

    Firstly! Greetings fellow Spurs :)

    hmmm... Interesting proposal. But i see it like this, If Berbasod was to return, it would be very bittersweet as fans will be very divided. And Rightly so! I've seldom seen a more ungallant way to exit a club that idolised them. Only Sod Campbell comes to mind.
    He thought we were a mediocre club with no real prospects. So he did a runner and headed for the shortcut to brightlights, medals and money at a club that didn't really need him. And now they found out that they really don't want him.
    Fact is... Berbs has no work ethic, i don't merely refer to his well documented lax style of play, but to his reluctance to be a part of a work in progress. He wants it handed to him on a plate.
    Now look at him! He's a mishapen cog that does not fit into the already slick Utd machine. Their fans are sick of him and want him out. Personally, i still feel he could be a huge hit with that club with a few tweaks. But that's me...
    Anyway, if he came back to Spurs... i'm sure he'd be banging in loads of goals in all competitions. But frankly, I have lost all respect for the man, and some things are not worth sacrificing.
    And who's to say... the season he came back... and scored so many goals, if Chelsea, Real, Barca or whoever came courting him, do you really believe he'd say no and show loyalty to Spurs? I think not.

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