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  • Jlock Jlock May 10, 2010 15:26 Flag

    Proof in the puddddin'

    ...ahhhhhhhh, but stats.....

    I'm glad 'arry is up there and hope he can continue with the run - but if you look at the top 3 and add up all their games played, you only get half the games of the 4th placed. I think its a bit early to judge as yet. Give 'arry another season (IMHO all managers and players should be judged after a min two seasons)

    • Harry deserves the plaudits for getting you into the CL ahead of the £M's spent by City. Lets hope for your sakes, he doesn't take this as a sign to go out and spend loads more on players that don't add to your team, and wage bill. He's got a nasty habit of ruining the finances of clubs.