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  • Old Fan Old Fan May 10, 2010 21:46 Flag

    Proof in the puddddin'

    Hey John - I considered responding to one of your wind up posts in another thread - with the idea that I would point out that you are a moron that doesn't have a fucking clue about football, but thought that it would be redundant as it was obvious from your post.
    So do us all a favor and piss off back to whatever board can put up with you. There are a number of gooners that do post on this board and are welcome as they can actually make some intelligent posts - then there are the typical numbnuts bicycle seat sniffers like yourself (you even look like one in your picture mate ....) - complete planks, dumb as a bucket of rocks, with head firmly implanted up the arse.
    SO at the risk of repeating myself - piss off and go back to playing with your inflatable!