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  • Jlock Jlock May 10, 2010 22:28 Flag

    Proof in the puddddin'

    To me it's give credit where credit's due. Wenger has deserved to be manager of the year on previous performances - but not this year at all.

    If I had to vote, I'd always go for someone who made something from 'less' - ie the Moyes's and Hodgson's of this world. As their achievements are surely 'greater'? I think I would have gone for Hodgson this year - if he pulls of a win this week, then he's had an amazing couple of seasons.

    'arry must have something though, as he's done for Spurs what no other manager has managed for years.

    AND (this galls me to say this) - I think Levy has done well in what he's allowed the managers to spend over the past few while still keeping the club viable.

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    • Harry has done well John and i am not saying otherwise but i am happy to fight the Wenger argument as i believe it to be an extremely valid one. At the beginning of the season i think a lot of people had written Arsenal off and believed that we would be the traditional 'top four' club who were going to make way for the new pretenders this season.The team proved all the pundits wrong and managed to do so without our 'Rooney/Drogba' too.

      Arsenal were banging in goals aplenty even without VP, scoring from every position and only dropping off form after the Barca games. Games in which we suffered yet more injuries to an already much depleted squad. Arsenal fielded a team that consisted of only 3 players who played in our original 'full strength' side which beat Everton 1-6 on the first day of the season in recent fixtures. I dont recall another club that has suffered quite so badly, though perhaps Everton have.

      Hodgson has been remarkable but has not done too well in the Prem which is a harder competition and a better yardstick with which to truly gauge a team than any cup competition.

      As i wrote in a reply to you on the Arsenal board John the nucleus of the Spurs side were already in place before Harry arrived and although the side were in in dire-straits at that time it could be argued that was soley down to the previous manager being unable to speak English.

      I think people overlook Wengers achievments far too easily and that goes for some of the so called Arsenal supporters too.

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      • Fab, there's a reason why neither Fergie, Wenger or Ancelotti got manager of the season. Its because they've done the same as last season and the season before etc etc. You know how much I detest Ar5ena1 but to be fair, they've had a good season, got third, CL again next season, a good run in the CL etc. But so have Man Utd, and Chelsea have done incredibly well AND won the Premiership. Everyone has had their injuries. The fact is that with the Top 3 its business as usual.
        Hodgson deserves a shout because, although they haven't been brilliant in the Prem they've had an outstanding season elsewhere. A better finish in the Prem and he probably would've got it.

        With Spurs we've had an outstanding Prem season and a great run in the FA Cup. We've had an 'out of the ordinary' season. The majority of the credit for that goes to 'Arry. He manages the staff and the players, motivates everyone and gives them the belief they needed.

        Thats why he got it and Wenger didn't.

      • Fab,
        All I would say is the same as I said earlier here. The quality of the opposition and your relative stance compared to that opposition is the assessment of the difficulty of any competition - so for Fulham to get to the Final (and hopefully win it) is a comparable achievement to Utd winning the EPL. Maybe it's not such an achievement for you or even us, but the further you go down the EPL, the bigger that achievement becomes.

        If you ignore the Moyes's and Hodgons of this world (ie making a silk purse...) and just reward top achievement, then surely it must be Ancelotti. If you simply take the Chavs 70+ GD it speaks volumes (that's more than we scored).

        I don't say that you haven't had injuries - BUT surely if you're a top manager you have a squad? And the proof of the manager is in that squad - the whole squad? Look at Mancini - how on eartjh could any manager be left in that state (ie 'no' keeper)? EVEN if Citeh had got 4th - his complete mismanagement of that one area would say he hasn't quite got his finger on the pulse. I also agree that 'arry didn't bring in the players who have made the difference - BUT - he did make a squad that worked when our players were injured or playing poorly. A player dropped out and a different player stepped up to the plate with little effect on momentum. Isn't that what 'manage' actually means? AND that is why I'd always go for a lesser squad/money club - as the 'manager' has to really manage his resources.