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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 May 11, 2010 01:28 Flag

    Proof in the puddddin'

    Yeah, Lennon for the best part of the second half of the season...we've had to do the makeshift back line on a number of occasions (remember when we all thought we'd be in for another CB during the Jan. transfer window? Bassong was out, Dawson was out, King was out...and Woody was a non-starter from the off...so we played Corluka and Huddlestone a few times...then there was the right-back issue late on...Corluka out, Hutton on loan...recalled an untested kid (Walker), who did admirably well (still wonder why Walker and not Naughton...differing loan deals maybe?). Modric's broken leg as we were picking up steam (our Fab if you will), that set us back a bit.

    So, Fab...its a wash mate. Yes, your lot did finish above ours...but I say that that was the expectation of the majority going in to the season...how many people thought we'd finish 4th...far fewer I bet you! I guess if we comapre last season to this seaon we both improved (you from 4th to 3rd and us from 8th to 4th, but if you look at that improvement in terms of absolutes then we take the cake...4 place improvement over a 1 place improvement...our highest place in the Prem ever...our highest goal tally...lots of firsts that can easily be directed to the leadership (both of the team and the club as a whole).

    End of the day, we'll probably not come to any agreement, I see your point...but we've felt the same pain, and we've achieved above and beyond expectation, and as I think Big G said, yours, Utd and the Chavs its been business as usual.