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  • Hemloche Hemloche May 11, 2010 04:14 Flag

    Congrats on the CL Spot finish


    Before you jump down my throat, this is not a wind-up or anything like that. I am a Gooner through and through but I want to congratulation the Spurs on their 4th place finish, thus keeping Citeh out of the CL and knocking The Scousers out of the top 4. While I know you all were hoping to pip us for 3rd but that didn't happen. Hopefully your guys will keep the 4th place spot for a few years and Citeh can knock the Bloooz or Manure out of the their top 4 spot. Good luck next season and in the CL.

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    • H been a yiddo for more than 50 years. Spent 60's and 70's going to WHL one week and Highbury the next. My mate was a gooner! Was even at WHL when you did the double. All good fun when we met up, used to use the same pub in Turnpike Lane and played for the same darts team. I went to his wedding and he to mine.
      No problems then with gooners and none now. Nice to have honest sensible football comments from any body on here.
      IT IS JUST the f..ing wind-up idiots that come on our board. I don't visit yours why do they come on here with their insane rubbish comments??? I just end up blocking them.

    • Thanks Hemeloche - I think it can be only a good thing that Spurs are competing with Arsenal at a closer level now, imagine how good some of our upcoming encounters could be!

      And keeping Citeh out of the top four is huge, as it will limit the players they can draw in now with their well of money.