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  • i read the other day that chelsea have the highest goals scored ever in the premiership but the all time league record for the top division is held by us.

    in 1961 we scored 115 goals!

    was way before my time so i was wondering if anyone remembers these yrs & can educate me on what a great attacking team we had.

    i think jimmy greaves was around that time but dont know if he played for us in that season?

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    • thanks again for the info.

      all 3 i mentioned were rated as our top 3 players, whats the chances!

      intresting about danny & his beautiful game idea etc. sounds like he was ahead of his time.

      why didnt jimmy play more for england, did alf ramsey not like him?i now he is well into his drinking but was the after his career ended or did he always have a drink problem?

    • I second that John, helped bring back some memories of those "Good Old Days" all us oldies talk about. Thanks from me too SB.

    • Don't remember Tommy et al LongTime - a little before my time (only a little!) - as was Norman playing at RB before Peter Baker. I do remember being in awe of how big Norman - and Bobby Smith - appeared at the time.
      I know Tony Marchi was with the club, and I remember seeing him play - but if he did play during the double year, it was only because Mackay was injured - and that didn't happen too often.
      I remember getting to a game late one week-day evening (I think it was against Manure in the European Cup), and was stuck up at the back and I was picked up and passed over head all the way down to the front so I could see the game. There are just so many reasons why that wouldn't happen today. And is there any wonder after that experience as a young lad that I have been a committed Yid for life!

    • Spursbabe, thanks for your interest...I've loved this thread!

    • Agreed again. Tremendous player!!!!
      I think that he had most if not all that Messi has nowadays.
      Low centre of gravity, quick feet, great acceleration, hard to knock off the ball, which was always close to his feet when dribbling past defenders, he could ride a tackle (and in those days that was no mean feat), he could score with both feet and even scored a few with his head.
      Another tremendous player, Dave Mackay who wouldn't be allowed to play his game nowadays. I'm not intimating he was dirty, it's just you aren't allowed to touch the opposition these days. He quite often took the player at the same time as taking the ball. He'd be yellow carded every game. Just look at Palacios this season and he doesn't tackle like Mackay did. Dave could chest a ball 25/30 yards and pass it to his own team.

    • Also known as Gentleman Jim....don't remember him getting booked. Think he got sent off once towards the end of his Spurs career, for the reserves!

    • John, I agree completely with you re: Greaves - perhaps the best pure striker to ever play the game. He was also deceptively quick, both in overall speed as well as lightening quick off the mark with a great change of pace - throw that in with the fact that he had near perfect balance! Definitely my childhood hero.
      This season Drogba gets 29 goals to win the Golden Boot - Greaves won the Golden Boot 6 times in his career, and still holds the record for goals in the year with 41!! (unfortunately that was when he played for Chelsea!) - makes 29 look kinda weak!

    • Excellent profiles, Old Fan! Jimmy Greaves to me, was the finest player ever. His repertoire of goals is unequalled....direct from a corner, a lob over the keeper from 30 yards, beating a half a defence with a drop of the shoulder or a swivel, left foot, right foot....you name it, he could score it! He nearly always sent keepers the wrong way with his penalties. The man was just magic! The best goal I ever saw him score was against Leicester, round about '69, I suppose. He picked up a clearance from Pat at round about the halfway line and just danced his way round five or six players before slotting it past Shilts, I think it was then, (I think Banks had moved on). Anyway, unfortunately there wasn't a camera in the ground to capture it! I wish there were more evidence of what a sublime player he was! People who never saw him would think I tend to romanticize, but I know what I saw!

      Dave Mackay was a a tough, but fair tackler, but I fear this day and age would not be tolerated, along with players such as Norman Hunter, Ron Harris, Tommy Smith and Peter Storey. I don't think the game is any better without such players! Every team had at least one! Mac was also one of the first exponents of the long throw, and could reach the penalty spot without a run up!

      Wish I could tell you more about Danny, SB, but OF has it well covered!

    • Hey SB - if you look up "hard-nut" in the dictionary, there's a little picture of Dave Mackay right next to the definition! The picture you are referring to is at the following URL with Mackay having a hold of Billy Bremner - who used to fancy himself a bit of a hard nut!


      He certainly didn't take prisoners and George Best has been quoted as saying "the hardest man I have ever played against - and certainly the bravest!"

      Blanchflower captained Spurs as well as N. Ireland (think it was N. Ireland). As a point of reference, as I was poking around the internet, I ran across a Times article rating the top 50 players to ever have played for Spurs - the top 3 in ascending order were Jimmy Greaves, Dave Mackay, and Danny Blanchflower - and I for one could not argue with that. To put this into perspective, Ledley was rated as number 25!

      Here's the URl for the article - great perspective on the players over the years - going back way before my time.


      Blanchflower's philosophy was ahead of his time in that he recognized it as "the beautiful game" and wanted to play that way which was reflected in the Spurs team of the era. He was a great captain, a great "right half" who could defend and play beautiful balls to open up the other teams defense, and he scored goals. I think I am right in saying it was his idea for the center half (Maurice Norman) to go up for corners - at the time a revolutionary concept and we were (I think) the first team to ever do that.

      Greaves scored all kinds of goals (not so many with his head), could dribble to open up space or could simply be in the right place at the right time - tho' I never really considered him to be a poacher. You never knew what was going to happen when he was on the ball. I think he is still the highest goalscorer in the history of the first division, and he's up there in terms of goals for England.

      Here's a URL with a couple of his goals - I remember the one against United (wasn't there) to this day!

    • thanks for the info boys.

      iv actually heard of cliff jones, bobby smith, david mackay & obviously the legend danny blanchflower.

      more questions to annoy u!

      was mackay are hardnut?is it him in that famous photo of him squaring up to another player? how many red cards would he get a season in our fairy leagues?

      i think danny was the captain & i know he is a legend for us.
      so what makes him so highly thought of? was he a all round solid player & role model type? am i right in thinking was he a defender?

      the goal scoring machine greaves. never seen any footage of him. was he a goal poacher or did he score from distance too? many headers?

      prices in those days were a bargin. sounds like football was more a sport then a buisness in those days.

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