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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really May 16, 2010 05:45 Flag

    Could we ...

    Shoulda woulda coulda KM... no point in torturing ourselves with that now (although my answer is yes, without a shadow of a doubt, although 1. they'd probably have upped their game against us, and 2. some of our lot might've been playing delicately for the world cup too).

    On the Arsenal game Patrix, they did pip us once this season: http://www.premierleague.com/page/FairPlayTable - grr. I think we came around 3rd last year and won the 3 seasons before that, it'd be nice to establish ourselves as playing 'the right way' again.

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    • fulham will go europe league next year, if fulham would heave win the europe league then burnley play next year in europe INCREDIBLE, 2 relegated team had the chance to play in europe....that would have been 9 teames in europe....again INCREDIBLE

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      • Hi Patrix, I'm not sure you are right with the Burnley thing. Their entry would have been through the "Fair Play" system. England didn't end up in the top three in that league, so they wouldn't have qualified. Pompey hadn't registered with EUFA so were not allowed in.
        But I must agree it's fantastic to think there could have been that many English teams in European competition next year, 7 teams are there though.
        Will we have a European Champion next season??

    • I didn't see the game so I cannot cast an opinion, but from what I've heard the Chavs weren't up to their best - but they probably just about deserved to win the FA Cup - and while they may gloat that they have won the League/FA Cup double in the same season, we did it first!!

      And are the only team in the top 4 that have denied the Chavs maximum points in our games this season.