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  • Think the bloke deserves a hand. Tottenham top spenders in the transfer market (apart from the silly boys) and stepping up on all levels. Well done Daniel!!

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    • Haha - you know what Kurt, I would love that!!!
      Imagine the coverage the spurs faithful would get chanting 'Keep Levy in!'


    • I dislike the man for what he did to Jol (and more importantly the way he went about it), but I have to admit, he seems to be financially astute (and I'd dislike him even more if we were to go bust!) and has kept us looking healthy.

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      • The Jol situation was (and I think most would agree) 'regrettable' and upset a lot of us but even I was saying at the time that from a financial perspective we couldn't complain about the way the club was being run. This remains the case - just hope that Joe Lewis decides to stay around for a while longer.

        I think the key thing to consider in all of this though is where we'll be come the 2012-13 season and the new FIFA rules. It's important that the new stadium is in place by then and we are still on an even keel to put us in a good 'starting position' from that point. It's also interesting to note the wording in the new rules about European competition. Do they mean the team has to be taking part in a European cup competition or that they have to be in a European league? If it's the former it still won't stop some rich kid coming along and throwing loads of money at a club to get into Europe. If it's the latter and we are in a European place at the time (with the new stadium) it could be a real boon for us.

    • Very much agree there,, he kept to his word, with the odd mistake,, and splashed out and has improved many areas of the club. Nice one Danny