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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jun 1, 2010 23:15 Flag

    It's official ...

    .... Daws and the Hudd both out of the WC squad.

    So gutted for Daws - he deserves it more than most.

    Pleased for Daffy, Leds, Crouch and Lennon though - 4 out of 6 going to SA ain't bad is it?


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    • .........many good player were left home: a young, aghbonlahor, zamora, dawson, hudd, downing......
      .....and others doesn't deserve more then them: upson, carragher, heskey, j. cole, carick....

      We have 4 players like chelsea, we could easily have 6 (1/4 of england squad)....dwson deserves more than upson and carragher....and hudd more than carrick or even barry which is not 100% fit

    • Yeah, fully agree - feel bad for Daws but he just needs to keep in mind his time will come.

      And its good to see Spurs have a healthy presence in the final 23. 4 players - thats on par with Chelsea as the most represented club (if I counted right). And thats great to see.

      Arsenal didn't have much of a showing did they? (lol - cheap dig)

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      • Many congrats Spurs for contributing 4 players to the nation's WC cause.

        "Arsenal didn't have much of a showing did they? "

        No, we did not and there's a plausible explanation for it. In fact it's indicative of the sad state of affairs of the calibre of players produced by England in recent years.

        With the exception of Rooney, which of them will force their way into the Brazilian senior national side out of the 23 players selected?

        In the last 2 friendly games played, we were woeful against Mexico and Japan, and we should not let the wins cloud our judgment here, most of our players were not convincingly at all against two average sides and that in itself doesn't bode well for the tough test ahead if we're serious about winning the WC, I really doubt it with the calibre of players in the squad.

      • Lee is right - Daws time will come - and pretty soon if he continues to grow as a player...
        still the wrong decision tho & most neutral fans will agree
        Hudd never did enough IMO - maybe he'll realise he has to show more ambition during a game, learn to dominate - Carrick i guess was the 'safe' option

    • Agreed KM....4 out of 6 isnt pretty good going.
      Cant belive Upson got the nod over Daws but not too surprised that Hudd didnt make it. He had a couple of decent opportunities last week to grab a place by the short n curlies and he went missing (IMO).
      Great news for the other lads and in particular Lennon.....Walcott anyone! haha