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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 2, 2010 06:54 Flag

    One side of north london knows there's no I in Team...

    I can't fault Arshavin for his honesty, in fact I commend him for his realistic attitude, but compare his recent media comments to those I posted previously from Modric:


    Compared to: "But before he looks ahead to next season, Luka admits he will be getting over the disappointment of not being involved in this summer's World Cup by cheering on his Spurs team-mates in South Africa!

    He adds: "I hope Ledley will be there, Daws, Tom, Azza, Crouchy, JD. Because of them I would like to see England win or at least go far in the tournament. It's the same with Wilson and Honduras and Seb and Benoit with Cameroon. I'd love to see them all do well but I do think England have a good chance."

    It doesn't exactly smack of togetherness in Woolwich now does it? Before gooners jump on my back, I'm really not trying to be contentious here, I'm not surprised he's frustrated when a couple of months ago there was potential for this to be a highly successful season for you but ultimately (let's face it) it wasn't, but I really think comparing the two statements highlights the comradery at the Lane at the minute.

    We'll give you a wave when we pass you on our way up ;)

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