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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 7, 2010 19:57 Flag

    Redknapp & Liverpool

    Hehehehe, I thought the old 'backbone' comment might get a response :P

    In fairness though, if he's looking to be England manager and Capello's saying he'll stay until 2012, who's likely to be involved in the England set up after that? Terry? Don't make me laugh, he'll be in a worse state than Ledley by then. Any of the Liverpool team? Ditto hysterics.

    We have a shedload of young English players, I'd say only rivalled by Villa. Yes, there'll be the 6+5 rule by then, but why not be in the place where he can nurture the players now? Fringe England players are likely to have more impact by then, and I can only see our international hold getting stronger - I don't anticipate Lennon, Hudd, Crouch, Defoe or Dawson getting weaker by then, and we've also got the two Kyles, Rose, and many many more young England players - can Liverpool, Chelsea, or any other team (Villa aside) say the same?