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    Transfer speculations!

    This Summer we seem to be linked with a plethora of players some well known, some not so. The latest player rumoured to be on his way into WHL is Juventus striker Vincenzo Iaquinta, he has the CL pedigree that we will need to compete with the best that the CL has to offer. And with Joe Cole now available anything is possible.

    We cannot believe every single story that seem to proliferate the tabloids concerning players that may or may not be coming through the door at WHL but I believe that exciting times are ahead especially since we have now qualified for the Champions League.

    With Modric, Bale & Dawson committing their immediate futures to our cause we can go on from strength to strength and consolidate 4th place or higher for many years to come.


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    • Sky is reporting Gudjonsen is coming back to the Lane. We'll have a really quick front two with him and C. Cole!!

    • Every one take it easy we are in silly season.Harry will get 2/3 class players before every one looses the run of themselves.And yes with these good signings spurs will develop and be stronger for the next 4/5 years.Be patient we have come along way now to push on.

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      • I like Cole as well, but signing him could cause HR a few selection headaches.

        Where does he fit into the midfield equation without upsetting the applecart?

        With Sandro due to arrive after the World Cup, we will be over-run in players vying for the four midfield positions on offer - it could all end in tears for someone and we don't really want one of the more highly valued stars getting splinters on his ar$e wanting to move elsewhere for first team football.

    • I think Bale has forgotten how to play at LB Kevin.

      If you recall when 'Arry switched the team round for the Manure game to accommodate Wilson coming back from suspension - Bale played at to LB and IMO looked out of place.

      Re Joe Cole - I too think the Ar$e have a done deal. Still not convinced Cole is right for us, even though I like him as a player.

    • Slight bit of nit - picking but we have not yet qualified for the CL. We have qualified to play a qualifier!. This is new terrority for us all so let's take one game at a time and we will be over the moon, or as sick as a parrot !!


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      • Liking the use of so many football related cliches there Kevin. You forgot "it's a game of two halves" though.

        Personally, I don't see there being more than one or two coming in this summer. I am one of those in favour of Joe Cole and I would like to see an experienced striker but I have my doubts about that. I would also like to see a LB and a RB but I am really getting to wishing stakes now.

        The only issue I have with Cole coming in is where does he play if we keep Bale in his best LM position? But Cole is quality and with the expereince we need.

        BAE is still a weak link for me so a good LB would be nice and we don't have a recognised RB (unless Hutton comes back which I wouldn't be unhappy about) so that needs sorting.

        I think Arry thinks we have enough up front and won't add to that - unfortunately! So, yes we will be linked with everybody but we should expect that. I think many of them deliberately put something in the press hoping it will spark some interest - losers!!

    • It's not just this summer Paxton - it seems to be EVERY transfer window we're linked with any Tom, Dick or Harry who wants away or is let go by their clubs.

      Hopefully the fact that our 3 best players have committed themselves to the club long-term should help lure one or two of the more serious "contenders". And while I don't want to appear to be too negative, I'm guessing that some of those with CL experience may not want to commit to coming to WHL until we're safely into the CL group stages. Mind you, that would be taking it down to the wire given the transfer window closes at the end of August and the final play-off game isn't until 25/26 August.

      That said, Berbasulk swapped CL footie for the UEFA Cup when he came to us - until we discovered he was merely using us as a stepping stone to greater "glory" with Manure. Backfired a bit though didn't it ;-)

    • Sadly, it looks like Joe's going to the dark side of N. London, which means I've got to stop liking him. Still we've got Lennon, who might turn out to be a world-beater this summer, and with Bale, Luka and Daws securely on board, it is hard to see us losing any ground. I don't think we have many weak positions, so H. needn't break the bank, although Joe Cole would have been a real asset. If he does go to Goonland what price Walcott? Englishman in, Englishman out I reckon!