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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jun 11, 2010 20:17 Flag

    Rumour has it ...

    ... that SWP is starting on the right instead of Lennon for tomorrow's game - according to Yahoo that is.

    Not sure if it's good or bad or whether to ignore it completely. Any views?

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    • John - I did see him make the runs. On a number of occasions he would lay the ball back, and then start his run into what was a huge amount of space behind the back line of the US over in the right hand corner - at times from the penalty box to the line and to the top of the box. On several occasions he would hold his run at the last defender so as to not be caught offside. I did not see Johnson pick one of them up. It was the kind of run I have seen him make to good effect with Charlie Corluka many, many times, usually resulting in chaos in the defending team.
      Not sure why Johnson did not see the opportunity - 'cos if an old man like me can see it, he sure as hell should've - there again, perhaps I was seeing things ...

    • OF,
      If you have a player making great runs all day, then that gets noticed and the player tends to get credited for it.
      In the USA game I just didn't see that from Lennon - he didn't make the runs.

    • I thought Hesky was pretty average - missing the goal that was a gimme (even 'arry's wife coulda scored!). Yeah he holds the ball up, yeah he's a good target man - but if his purpose is to partner and set Rooney up he was crap.
      It's gonna be interesting to see just who Capello puts out there. I think that we will see James in goal, fullbacks and Terry stay the same. I am hoping that we see Daws partnering Terry - something tells me that mighty be a good partnership, plus its a good game for Daws to get his feet wet in the international game (and he's fit and quicker than any other option). Carragher was crap, and should be kept for emergencies at right back.
      Ronny is a given up front, I would hope that Lennon is a given and Gerrard is a given, and apparently Barry is a given, which leaves two open spots.
      I would start Crouch up front with Rooney - and if Rooney still can't get into the game with Algeria, I would yank his ass and put Defoe in at half time. I don't care if he's a great striker, which of course he is, the goal is to win the game and score goals - and if isn't doing the job, I hope Capello has the balls to pull him and try something else.
      And if it was up to me, I would drop Frank and play Carrick in the middle - I know he hasn't shown much lately, but he does have some vision, and he can pass the ball and perhaps create something out of midfield. I know that means playing Gerrard out on the left, but I think that will work OK.

      Who I think Capello will play is James, Johnson, Terry, Upson, Cole, Lennon, Lampard, Gerrard, Barry, Defoe, Rooney

      If Capello's the guru he's made out to be - now's the time for him to be getting his Guru on and getting the team to play together and come up with a mix that works.

    • OF - how did you rate Hesky? Normally I think he's pants (to put it bluntly) but I thought he did well for himself in the US game. However the chance he missed was, for a striker, criminal - so it's difficult to decide if he's warranted his place in the next game.

      I have heard that Capello is undecided about which keeper to go with, and also who will partner Rooney. hesky and Defoe were both mentioned (according to the report - not sure how much truth is in it) but not Crouch. Seems a strange one. I'm glad for Defoe but with him usually featuring behind Crouch and Heskey its a bit of a shock.

      Also he said Barry will play - which only makes things harder to predict. Either he drops Lampard or Gerrard to make way, or he plays all of them with rooney on his own and barry behind them, Or he puts Barry and Lampard int he middle and Gerrard just behind Rooney. But this would mean neither Hesky or Defoe partner Rooney. Confusing. it will be intersting to see what the actual starting line up is.

    • On Lennon - I get the impression that many players are not used to Lennon - not sure if it is his positioning, or the runs he makes. I do not think he has been given very much in the way of decent balls - often played behind him rather than in to space for him to run on to.
      Also noticed that he will often lay the ball back and then make the run into space down the right side expecting to have the ball played back in a position where he is most dangerous - but Johnson either doesn't have the vision (which I think is the reality) or simply chooses to ignore the opportunity, or doesn't understand Lennon at all. There were many opportunities to open the US defense up like a cheap can of sardines, but the ball was not played.
      I think it takes other players as a team to make an individual player - you can have someone running great lines all day, but if the players around them are not sharp enough to see the opportunity, then they are as much to blame.
      Also noticed that Lennon does tend to simply hang on the sideline a lot - and I think he could do more if he demonstrated a bit more movement.
      That being said, I think he was one of the better performers on the day along with Gerrard, Terry (hate to say that as I can't stand the man), and Cole.

    • Yeah, I can see what you're saying John, and I think the thing about players making their own game has a lot of validity.

      One positive is that we are saying the Germans are the only team to do well so far (which is bang on) - but if you consider their opposition, Austraila - that was a team our opposition put three past. And all of their goals were against a full 11 contingent (I thought the Australian red card in the Germany game was the one of the poor referee decisions so far). So theres hope yet!

      And yeah, looking forward to that unknown player shining through - then Spurs landing him on a free!!! lol

      I'll be watching the Spain game with a lot of interest. I know a lot of teams have underperformed but I think they will put in a really good performance, though I hope I'm wrong.

    • Lee,
      Debate never hurt anyone - and if we all shared the same ideas what a boring place this world would be.

      I just thought that Lennon could have done more. To me a good player 'makes' his own game, the game doesn't make the player. So if Lennon was getting the ball to high up the pitch, then drop off more - force the ball to be played either back up the pitch or behind the defenders to run onto. The only thing I would say in his defence, is that the whole team was poor (I cringe every time I hear the pundits trying to talk up our team, especially when it comes to Lampstand and Deadard).

      I really thought that Brasil or Portugal would turn it on yesterday - and although there were flashes of brilliance (I don't think the Brasil goal was intentional) - all the teams (apart from Germany so far) seem to be running scared of losing. Not really a good showcase for world football so far. But it's early days - still time for that unknown player to shine and the underdog to turn in a stunning performance.

    • Sfer - with that in mind what do you think about the 4 across midfield (with Lampard and Barry in the centre) and gerrard playing just between them and Rooney (with hesky dropped)? That has been muted a fair bit by pundits and I'd be interested to see how it works. I think it would also free up the wide men as the opposition dmidfield would need to worry more than they currently do about whats in the centre.

      Or would you prefer the same 4 across midfield with barry sat between them and the defense? As there was space for the US in that portion of the pitch which they exploted a couple of times.

    • The great man did say that lts and I do think he was right. Do you remember when Keagan went to Newcastle and did nothing but attack - the supporters loved it. Shame they couldn't defend and lost too many games as a result.

      Of course it's all about balance the same as most things in life but the point I was trying to make was that maybe the reason many people think Gerrard and Lampard cannot play in MF together is because they are both attacking MF's and that potentially leaves holes in front of the back 4. To counter balance that you need a "water carrier" to hold the fort whilst those two are trying to support the striker(s).

      I for one would like to see that option being given a decent chance of success.

    • Hi John - I see what your saying, and I'm not trying to say that I'm right on this, it's just my opinion. And as we know, opinions are like ar*eholes - everyone has one lol.

      But what I mean by it is that a lot of the time he got the ball and was doubled up on, he was close to or parallel with the 18 yard box. Now for me, Lennon's big strength is his ability to get past players with speed - meaning he needs room ahead of him to do so. Similar to SWP and Walcott but I'd wager he's better at it - and also his end product, while not perfect, is ahead of the other two as well. Players like Messi and Ronaldo I would say are different as their close ball control are on a different level, so getting round players in tight spaces is something they can do. I don't think there is anyone in the England team who can do that. Joe Cole possibly being the closest. So what I think Lennon does, and I think does correctly, is if there is no space in front of him (with two players there) he plays it back across and begins the move to spread the play to the other side, to try and pull people out of position. Invariably at some point he will have a better opportunity and this is when he should pounce, which he did a few times. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he was a world beater against he US. But if Lennon got the ball a little earlier up the pitch he would have been able to do what he does best, doubled up or not, as he wouldn't have ran out of room and would have been able to showcase his stuff more. As it happens I don't think he was picked out when he should have been, so it was kind of out of his hands.

      But as we've seen in this World Cup, teams are playing much more defensively and no team, bar the germans, have been fantastic going forward. There will be few chances that forward players get and they will have to capitalize on them.

      I mean look at the top players in the world - are there any that have stood out so far? And the big guns have been playing 'lesser opposition' - I'd say England have had one of the tougher tests in this regards - which kind of goes to show that even the best players have difficulty turning it on against well organised defenses.
      It took what is conidered by many to the best team in the world over 50-60 minutes to break down North Korea - and you could argue their goal was a bit of a fluke (can't make my mind up if he meant that). And they still only won by one in a tight game.

      Anyway, I've waffled a bit there, and as I say I certainly don't want to say that my thinking is correct and everyone else is wrong. It was just how I saw things during the game. A good debate is what these boards are for lol.

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