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  • sledge sledge Jun 13, 2010 19:28 Flag

    Rumour has it ...

    I thought Lennon did rather well, considering the ball was virtually never passed to him after the bright opening 15-20mins. Early on, he'd made a couple of excellent darting runs and even created a chance that i wish he'd have been selfish enough to have a shot on goal rather than square it.
    His pass to Heskey was sublime, and if the big guy scored, people would have been ranting about what a brilliant assist/ chance Lennon created. Whereas now it's pretty much ignored in favour of having a go at Green (who i feel only sympathy for, and hope he gets the nod for the next game).
    Gerrard was on fine form, but yet again i found Lampard to be completely ineffective! The guy's invisible on the pitch and does not spread the play around. There's only space for one player with his natural role, and that is Gerrard at the moment. In the absence of Barry, we'd have been better off with our Hudd playing behind him. We were very narrow and as a result there were barely any runs down the wings from either Lennon, SWP, Johnson or A.Cole. We really played with no game plan at all it seemed.
    Heskey was good in support of Rooney, but to be honest, if Rooney really needs Heskey that much, considering Heskey is awful in front of goal, i feel it's a waste of a man on the pitch. Either play Rooney on his own (which he much prefers himself) with 5 man midfield, or partner him with Crouch who can score plenty on his own.

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    • It'd be brave of Capello to drop Lampard for the next game, though I fear you're right cu jimmy. His corners were pants and he really did very little to light up the game compared to Gerrard. Shame, as on his day Lampard is a great player.

      Also agree that we played too narrowly. Lennon wasn't given the service he deserved - he spent a lot of time on the wing in acres of space but was ignored for a lot of it. I'm sure we could have achieved a lot more if the rest of the team had utilised him more - they seemed to play to the left side much more than they should have done.

      Rooney had a quiet game by his usual standards, though one of his speculative attempts on goal was so close and had Howard floundering. It was clear that the USA had decided he was the one to target and closed him down pretty effectively. I also reckon Crouch shouldbe given the nod over Heskey for the Algeria match.

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      • Disagree Alan and OF - I thought Lennon played well for what he was given. Like was previously stated, his pass for Heskey should have resulted in a goal and the only critisism was maybe he should of shot when he tried to pull it back. But, thinking on it, it was a fairly tight angle and if he'd shot and it was saved, we'd all be asking why he didn;t square it.

        Also thought Hesky played very well. I'm a big critic of his but, fair is fair, his hold up and link up play was great. Should have finished his chance, granted, but other than that was very good. Thought Gerrard did very well but Lampard was poor. More proof that both of them can't seem to play well if they are playing along side each other. Have no faith in Carrigher either. He amy do okay in the next match but against better opposition his lack of pace will be exposed.

        Overall I'm not as disheartened as some. We always seemt o start slow but, out of the 'big guns' - if we can even be considered one - I think we've had the toughest opposition so far. People always put down the USA but did anyone actually watch the Confederates cup where they beat Spain and took Brazil close? They aren't too shabby. And if not for Greens error (and I'm not going to rant about him - these things do happen) they would have got nothing from the game.

        Cheer up, theres loads still to play for yet. I swear, talking to some you'd think we had lost.

        England will improve, I'm willing to bet....

        Then go out in the quarters haha. Actually, I'm going to stick my neck out (and I may regret this) and say we'll make the semi's at least.