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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 14, 2010 18:03 Flag

    Rumour has it ...

    I'm going to shamelessly copy something I wrote elsewhere re our defenders:

    I would venture that Terry and King are too similar in key aspects for a World Cup to play well together, i.e. neither of them are as young as they once were, neither are as pacy as some of their challengers, and both are a tad(!!) injury prone. While if you rated them out of 10 for the individual key CB attributes they'd be nowhere near top, perhaps Upson or Dawson would be better matched to cover their weaknesses? Obviously I'm inclined to say give King and Daws a whirl, but even if it was Terry and Upson it would be an improvement; I just don't think King and Terry are a practical pairing for... well, most if not all teams we'll face.

    Re Heskey, I too thought he had a pretty good game... Perhaps he missed that chance so Green would be the villan of the team for a while rather than him? After all, if he'd cocked up but we'd still won he'd be forgiven a lot faster... maybe Capello's decided on a 4-4-1-1 with Heskey as the 1 between Rooney and midfield, he's just not told anyone (Heskey and Rooney included).

    Have you seen this? http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/14062010/58/world-cup-2010-king-world-cup.html - King's World cup may be over.

    In which case SURELY Capello has to start Dawson in the next game; he can't go past the group stages (if we get that far, obviously) with 4 CBs, out of whom: 1's injury prone, 2 have discipline issues, 1's also RB cover and 1's uncapped, it's just ridiculous. Give him a go to see how he takes the pressure etc.

    I'd disagree on whether or not Capello will drop Lampard though, if he's going to do it it'll be against a team like Algeria; it'll be too late to play around after that.