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  • Jlock Jlock Jun 15, 2010 00:34 Flag

    Spur's Players' WC Performances

    Well what do you lot think so far?

    I thought Lennon was pretty poor and looked totally scared to take people on, Crouch wasn't on long enough to really judge but looked ok and King - hmmmmm. The King thing is losing me a bit - especially given this by 'arry:

    If that's what 'arry thinks, would you have recommended him for England? And wouldn't you have been looking for a replacement for him for over a season? That's no disrespect to Ledley - just a comment on his 'injury'.

    Outside of the England set up, BAE was pretty poor (and that's a good estimate) today and Bassong was average.

    Our two non-playing players - Boateng and Two Saints both looked pretty impressive and I would have given Two saints MoM in the opening game (although he went off the boil a bit in the 2nd half)

    Having said all that, the whole WC so far has been an over hyped load of dross. 10 games in and the Argie and Mexico games were average - the only game that close to the hype was the Germany/Auz - and that was ruined by Cahill's sending off.

    The Dutch today looked average, the French looked poor as well, so it's not just us.

    The good thing is that the performances and games can only get better.

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    • This time I'm frustrated with Any Capello.

      Two things lost me:

      1) Heskey is meant to hold the ball up and bring Rooney/Midfield into play. He just doesn't do it. Rooney doesn't play better with Heskey on the pitch (and by the way, the whole team doesn't play better with Barry on the pitch).
      2) Lennon. He had a problem all night as Don Johnson was effectively playing his role. Lennon came inside, as Johnson was taking the outside role. Even Heskey popped up there a half dozen times. Now what's the point if one of you main target men turns up on the wing?. If Capello wants to play with wingbacks, then you would have to expect out and out wingers to move inside to give space. Even when SWP came on the same applied (SWP ended up on a couple of occasions in the middle of the pitch) - and explain that move to me? We play the same - ie Johnson spending more time in advance of midfield than he did at the back and then swap Lennon for SWP - surely if SWP was to come on, he should have come on the left and replaced Heskey - pushing Gerrard in behind Rooney.

      Andy Capello then replied to the charge by Beckenbauer(?) that we were a long ball team by saying we had to try that against the USA as the USA closed us down and were a compact team. I saw Slovenia rip the USA apart in the first half by playing simple, good football - neat short passing with lost ofg movement. No hoofing long balls up to a target man hoping for knock downs.

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      • Capello is a Club Manager,, Not a National Manager.
        He clearly has no idea about National Tactics, ways of running the National team, boosting their confidence, changing to improve/adapt.
        He also has that Major flaw of liking Heskey and some of the Old failures.
        Rooney clearly is crap so far, so take him off, he is just a player.
        Heskey should be Knowhere Near teh National team, that position is for Crouch.
        SWP is not Lennon, but I wouldn't bring on SWP on the left either,, J Cole was sitting on the bench when he should have been on the left wing.
        And what is it with this 2 hour before kickoff lark ?

        This World Cup is an Utter shambles.

        Dos Santos has been brilliant, Keep him Harry.


    • I missed the game last night but from what I've seen and read, Dos Santos is having a really good world cup. If he can produce on this stage then, in my opinion, he needs to be given another chance in the Spurs line up. Hope Redknapp gives it some thought.

    • Heskey over Defoe??? You have to be kidding me. Cappello is obviously a plant to destroy the 3 lions team. If Heskey plays, England goes home....Their only chance is Lennon hooking up with Defoe. This is totally obvious, even to a yank like me.

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      • Well normally I would agree with you, but I would have said that Heskey was one of our better players in the USA game - holding the ball up pretty well. That scares me somewhat as it tends to imply that we were playing a longer ball game. So for the way he got hold of the ball and held it up, Heskey will probably get another go. On the down side, Heskey is only in the team (IMHO) to bring Rooney into play - and that just didn't happen. Maybe a bit of a quandary for Andy Cappello.

    • Somewhat incredibly I haven't been able to watch any of the other games so far John. For me Lennon wasn't given the ball enough, the central midfielders preferring to cut inside instead of playing the ball out to the wingers. Gutted about King's injury as I wanted him to shine in central defence, but am now hopeful that maybe Daws will get a run-out on Friday.

      Hope to get a look at Two Saints in the next Mexico match. But didn't we sell Boateng to Pompey last season?

      If most of the games so far have been dross there's no guarantee they'll get any better until the knock-out rounds ...